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ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2018

The show kicked off on 17th february 2019 at 18pm, hosted by Ziona, Leoni, Slaygon and Boz. As always, the show featured a run-down of the scene-happenings of 2018, along with what was popular at RKO and AR each month.

The Best Newcomer Award 2018 was given to Vaggelis Papadopoulos who impressed with his metal works. MRT managed to win the most votes as Best Veteran.

SHEN LON was awarded the Best Amiga Remix for his Turrican 1 Level 5 remix. Commando High Score by FastLoaders managed to score the most popular C64 Remix of 2018.

A very surprised and moved LaLa was given the Lifetime Achievement award for being constantly around since day one of the remixing scene, writing numerous reviews, oragnising projects and for being an ever helpful and decent fellow.

The main award was handed out to SHEN LON, making him Remixer Of The Year 2018!

Congratulations everyone! Well deserverd, and thank you for all your contributions. You're all winners!

Remixer Of The Year (c64 or Amiga)

Who made the best remixes in 2018? Who was most active and supportive?

Rank Name Score
1. SHEN LON 40
2. Johan Andersson 19
3. FastLoaders 18
4. MRT 12
5. Markus Schneider 10
6. Vincenzo 9
Wobbler 9
7. XxDUSTYxX 8
8. Peter Clarke 5
9. Dr Future 4
Mano 4
Martin Dodd 4
NecroPolo 4
Slaygon 4
10. Gerd Bahl 3
Grospixels 3
Jeroen Tel 3
Kent Walldén 3
LPChip 3
Mitch van Hayden 3
Vaggelis Papadopoulos 3
11. Bit Arts 2
Colmarr 2
Darkman007 2
Eight.Bit Commando 2
LMan 2
Monty 2
Silok 2
Taxim 2
The Blue Ninja 2
12. Armandox 1
Crono 1
Frank Abbing 1
HurryKn 1
Kjetiln 1
Moonshine Fox 1
Phrygian 1
Rapture 1
Scampy 1
Teo 1
Uctumi 1
ziona 1

Lifetime Achievement

For special achievements around the remixing scene during the years.

Rank Name Score
1. LaLa -

Best Newcomer (c64 or Amiga)

Who made the greatest debut in 2018?

Rank Name Score
1. Vaggelis Papadopoulos 20
2. Moonshine Fox 9
3. Eight.Bit Commando 7
Retro Brothers 7
4. HurryKn 6
5. Bit Arts 5
The Blue Ninja 5
Uctumi 5
6. Rat District 4
Scampy 4
Uraniummind 4
7. Alan Jones 3
SigmaZeven 2
TitoJunior73 2
Valley of the Cloneasaurus 2

Best Veteran (c64 or Amiga)

Who do you think deserves this award in 2018 for providing great remixes over a period of 5 years or longer?

Rank Name Score
1. MRT 18
2. Johan Andersson 16
3. Wobbler 13
4. FastLoaders 12
5. Markus Schneider 11
6. Vincenzo 8
7. Dr Future 7
Peter Clarke 7
8. Mitch van Hayden 6
NecroPolo 6
9. Martin Dodd 5
10. Kent Walldén 4
LMan 4
Mano 4
Slaygon 4
11. Gerd Bahl 3
Grospixels 3
Monty 3
Silok 3
Taxim 3
Teo 3
12. CZ Tunes 2
Darkman007 2
LaLa 2
LPChip 2
Phrygian 2
Rapture 2
13. Crono 1
David Filskov 1
Isacco Garcia Peveri 1
Kjetiln 1
Lolo from GP 1
MusicWizard 1
Spiral 1
ziona 1

Best c64 Remix

What was the c64 remix that impressed you most in 2018?

Rank Title Score
1. Commando High Score by FastLoaders 21
2. Delta (Subtune 12 - Metal Version) by XxDUSTYxX 20
3. Ghouls and Ghosts by FastLoaders 19
4. Rambo Loader by SHEN LON 11
Treasure Island Dizzy by MRT 11
5. Cycles (The Lost Black Sabbath Tapes) by Vincenzo 10
Lightforce by Markus Schneider 10
6. Atmosphere by MRT 9
7. Last Ninja Wilderness loader by SHEN LON 8
8. Hades Nebula (Ben Daglish Tribute) by LaLa 7
International Karate by SHEN LON 7
Ocean Loader by SHEN LON 7
Spellbound by Mano 7
9. Deep Shit (serum in your veins) by Slaygon 6
Last Ninja 2 Central Park] (Orchestral Shuriken) by Mitch van Hayden 6
Monty on the Run (rockmetal cover) by Vaggelis Papadopoulos 6
Sam's Journey (The Green Hills) by Taxim 6
Space Harrier (arcade main theme) by Johan Andersson 6
10. Green Beret loader (Yesterday becomes tomorrow) by SHEN LON 5
Mission of Mercy (Film Score) by Peter Clarke 5
11. ACE 2 by Johan Andersson 4
Arkanoid Highscore by Jeroen Tel 4
Jupiter (Lost Tape Mix) by Monty 4
The Last Ninja - The Palace (In Game) by SHEN LON 4
12. Commando vs Rambo (western mix) by Johan Andersson 3
Coolness (A Warm Remake) by Wobbler 3
Epic Grand Master Slam by Markus Schneider 3
Formula 1 Simulator Remix by Scampy 3
Hawkeye (cyborg vocal mix) by Johan Andersson 3
Kettle by Johan Andersson 3
Lightforce (feat. MS20) by Martin Dodd 3
Monty gets orchestrated (2018 Remix) by Peter Clarke 3
Quedex remix by ziona 3
Shockway Rider by Grospixels 3
Vortex (Trace Treatment) by Kent Walldén 3
Zoids by Johan Andersson 3
13. Alienator by Colmarr 2
Aliens by Colmarr 2
Boneless (Stressless) by Wobbler 2
Defender of the Crown by Colmarr 2
Future Knight (Main Theme) by Grospixels 2
Grand Prix Circuit (Arok 2018 remix) by Teo 2
Last Ninja - The Dungeon loader (Inner Sanctum) by SHEN LON 2
Last Ninja 2 (Mansion Loader) by Johan Andersson 2
Last Ninja Wastelands(in game) by SHEN LON 2
Metal Dust (Title Remix) by The Blue Ninja 2
Myth (RockMetal cover) by Vaggelis Papadopoulos 2
North Star - Title (ZX) by Darkman007 2
Phantoms Of The Asteroid (No Bass In Space) by Wobbler 2
Quedex (The Five Minute Unz Remix) by Wobbler 2
Rolands Ratrace (80s Disco Remix) by Rat District 2
SIDwizard of Wor (Hope Anyway) by NecroPolo 2
The Alibi (Ok ok I did it) by Wobbler 2
The Great Giana Sisters (rockmetal cover) by Vaggelis Papadopoulos 2
Thrust power - feat Jesper of PPOT by David Filskov 2
Zoom (NecroPolo C64 Hypercharger remix) by NecroPolo 2
14. Bravestarr (Garage Mix) by Phrygian 1
Dan Dare III The Escape (Main Theme) by Grospixels 1
Delta (Una Corda) by The St. Albans Rob Hubbard Fan Club 1
Dominator (Analogue Re-looped Relaxation) by Wobbler 1
Double Density Commercial by Gerd Bahl 1
Fire (Last Ninja 3 Subtune 7) by Kjetiln 1
Fist II - The Legend Continues by Imbehiiri (PsyMi) 1
Ghosts and Goblins (spooky shuffle mix) by Johan Andersson 1
Glider Rider (SAW 5) by Dr Future 1
Green Beret (Goa Kick Edit by Wobbler 1
Hawkeye (recharging mix) by Johan Andersson 1
Hunter's Moon (The Four By Four Thingie) by Wobbler 1
Last Ninja 3 (in - out mix) by Gerd Bahl 1
Last Ninja Wastelands (in game - memorial mix) by Gerd Bahl 1
Last Ninja Wastelands (loader - memorial mix) by Gerd Bahl 1
Last Ninja Wilderness (8bit Ninja mix) by Uraniummind 1
Monty High Score (Melodic Remix 2018) by Alan Jones 1
No Mercy s13] (SID Overdrive mix) by LPChip 1
Ocean Loader 5 Operation Dragon Wolf by Retro Brothers 1
Paperboy (Flipping Pages In A Pile Of Snow) by Wobbler 1
Rocky Star (Teenage Memories) by Wobbler 1
Sam's Journey (Title Theme Remix) by Uctumi 1
Speedball (Hanz Meyzer 80s Remix) by Hanz Meyzer 1
Terra Cresta (feat. Martin G) by Retro Brothers 1
The Human Race (subtune 4 cover) by Johan Andersson 1
The Tube (day zhah voo remix) by Martin Dodd 1
Vortex (Chillout Mix) by LMan 1
Weather Girl by Mano 1

Best Amiga Remix

What Amiga remix did you like best in 2018?

Rank Title Score
1. Turrican 1 - Level 5 by SHEN LON 7
2. Lizardking's Theme (Armandox Rework) by Armandox 5
3. Space Deliria (Tribute to DR.Awesome) by SHEN LON 4
Xenon 2 Megablast by Eight.Bit Commando 4
Zool Rave by Rapture 4
4. Echoing (Remix) by Bit Arts 3
Enchanted Lands - Intro (Enchantedness) by Silok 3
Turrican by SHEN LON 3
Xenon 2 - Megablast (2017 Oldschool Mix) by HurryKn 3
5. Apprentice (Piano a go go) by Dr Future 2
Clown-O-Mania by Moonshine Fox 2
Disconnected (Spiral Hands On Maniac) by Spiral 2
Stormlord (Hi-Score Theme - REVISITED) by Lolo from GP 2
Wings of Death (Stage 1 - Sagyr's Castle) by Lolo from GP 2
6. Amegas by Bit Arts 1
Amegas by SoundLogic 1
RSI Megademo - Wastelands (Refurbished) by Bit Arts 1
The Final Challenge by Dr Future 1
Turrican - Techno Dungeon (Level 2-2) by SHEN LON 1
Turrican 1 - Outpost (Concert Hall Remix) by Dr Future 1
Turrican II Level 1 The Desert Rocks Remix by kjetiln 1
Unreal - Flight Level (regular mix) by Gerd Bahl 1
Wings - Melville's Theme by Mano 1
ROTY 2018

ROTY - Remixer Of The Year 2018

Disclaimer: The results are based on votes made by the community. Errors and omissions excepted.

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17/02/2019 21:10
Congratulations to SHEN LON and to EVERYONE who made it to the lists. Thanks for being the scene!

17/02/2019 21:31
Nice remixing year that was. Congratulations all around!

17/02/2019 22:43
Well done everyone. Sadly I was not home so I could not listen to the stream.

18/02/2019 06:02
Great show! Congrats to SHEN LON and all Remixers.
Thanks for your votes and the support!

Shen Lon
19/02/2019 22:11
I'm very proud to have received an award so important for our community.
Thanks for your votes.I'm still so emotional about this.
A thought goes to Ben Daglish who gave me the inspiration for some tracks that were really appreciated by RKO users.
Thank you again!!!!

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