David Filskov - Thrust power - feat Jesper of PPOT

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Thrust power - feat Jesper of PPOT
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I wanted this to have more energy and intensity than my previous two Thrust remixes - hope you like it!


Give me a shout plz! 😊


After having worked on it on and off for a couple of months I realized I needed a talented guitar player to apply the final touch. Jesper Holm Olsen of Press Play On Tape accepted my request and did an awesome job on this track 😊 - thanks, Jesper!


I used Reaper (MIDI) and Vegas Pro (guitar mix), two Roland JV-1080 dance ROM card beats and these instruments:

Btw - you can play Thrust in YOUR BROWSER here 😊

Thrust power - feat Jesper of PPOT
I highly suggest reworking the mixdown and mastering, this track has red smiley potential but underperforms due to a very muddy mix.
Great clean cover from the original but with better guitars
Great rendition!
You best Thrust remix, yet! I wish Jesper's guitar was more front and center in the mix, it kinda gets lost in the shuffle, esp towards the end. Otherwise, it's all pretty solid as-is, just needs a bit more "aggressive" mixing applied to it.
Solid remix of Thrust! I agree with LMan that the mix leaves something to be desired, although I think it's quite good.
Nothing particularly new about this, but very well executed!
Great work!
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Great music and Always good its from Rob Hubbard, this is swinging right the pan out. Great job