BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo now accepting entries!

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BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo


This Compo is LIVE and is Now Accepting Submissions!

Remix compo for the Back In Time (BIT) Live 2022 Party, organized by the FastLoaders.


Combine tracks (either C64 SIDs or Amiga modules) from 2 or more composers into one awesome remix! Pick among Chris Huelsbeck, Jeroen Tel, Barry Leitch, Tim Wright, Matthew Cannon or Jeroen Tel's original work. Deadline for entries: October 16th, 2022. Read the full rules and submit your remix at the link below.

Submitted by LaLa

Arok Party 2022 Remix Compo


Results of the Árok Party 2022 Remix Compo

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 20th Anniversary Compo - Results


The results of the Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo

Submitted by LaLa

Back In Time Live - Germany Theme Compo


Back In Time Live - Germany theme compo - Results... - Finally, after listening over and over to the four entries we've come to a decision: As you may know already, there are three 2nd places, good work guys. Every theme will be played at BIT Live...

Submitted by unknown

Competition Results: 80s & Orchestral


Symphonic Competition Results - It was a very close call as to whom would finish in 1st place and it came down to just a single deciding vote to finalise the outcome. Both remixes are excellent and it was really tough to decide who came out on top....

Submitted by unknown

Competition: CD Giveaway


Remix64 presents: - The great CD Giveaway Competition - The results are now in, our five Judges consisted of Michael Schwendt (sid2midi), LMan (remix64), Jan Zottman (Immortal 2) , Seth Sternberger (8-bit Weapon, Unfortunate Brain...

Submitted by unknown

Competition: QuadSid


QuadraSID Remix Competition - In conjunction with - present: THE OXYGENE 8 REMIX COMPETITION - COMPETITION WINNERS: - We had only 2 entries to this competition. Both indeed were very good. Trace's entry was the typial SID cover. Bart's...

Submitted by unknown