Markus Schneider - Lightforce

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This track is uncompressed and has some headroom due to take maximum care of dynamics. Feel free to compress by yourself, if needed.

You may notice that the first main melody differs in second part. While Rob changes key without adjusting the bass note, which works for the original, i couldn‘t do it in context here and go along with first part twice. Although the rest is transcribed 1:1 (thanks to SID2Midi), i added some very few counter parts. The original SID is by the way slightly integrated, so to say as an instrument 😊

Why another Lightforce remix?
When i was a teenager, one of my first sid tunes i felt in love with, was Lightforce. I recorded this piece to tape and have listened to it much more than any other piece of music. Rhythm, harmonics, melodies, structure and sound fascinated me from the very first moment. It was THE reason becoming a c64 musician. And yes, it‘s my all time favourite of sid classics.

When reading Rob‘s note in HVSC, that he thinks it is a piece of junk, i felt proven to try it is not! I know so many people who love this tune not in any way questioning theirselves that Lightforce is some essential part of C64 history.
Since beginning of 2002, when I started remixing, i challenged to tribute a remix of this piece. Till now i have tried over 50 ways to get a pleasing result to fit all my feelings and ambitions to one single shot and failed at every try.
So that‘s the way now i felt about honoring a brief part of sid history and can now close this chapter after 16 years! Time flies …

"Epic" is the only word that can describe this one.
Wow. Simply WOW.
Is there a superlative for epic? If there is, than this remix is it! Amazing bit of work Sir!
Nice Arrangement and Mix, a Masterpiece!
Well done!
The perfect mix! The shouts speak for themselves. Could be a Hans Zimmer score!
I still like x-formz one a bit more but this is great. Can we get a FLAC please?
Uhh, what to say. Great track!
Brilliant, just brilliant!
Awesome! - Hollywood is calling...
This SID has been done too often. This remix doesn't add anything new
WOW! Love the angry yet calm feel. Markus, this is sooo good. Thank you for sharing this.:)
As wonderfully Moody and Detailed as the original.
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Very soundtracky, a perfect homage to Rob's classic. It doesn't fall into the trap of some other remixes that are also technically excellent, but tend to get boring as the tune goes on. Instead, Markus managed to inject several careful changes into the arrangement and instrumentation that keep the momentum going while also keeping with his chosen style for the remix. Your love affair with Lightforce, Markus, really shines through! Thanks for sharing it with us!