Guide to the Scene

Here's a simple guide to the world of C64 and Amiga music.

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Original SID sound

If you're looking for the original, unaltered Commodore 64 SID sound, check out these places:

  • HVSC - The High Voltage SID Collection: The definitive collection of SID music and a vital historical archive. An amazing project that allows you to download and play virtually every tune ever written for the Commodore 64. Music player code and data are ripped from the games and demos directly, and can be run in a standalone way with so-called SID player applications (available on various platforms) so you can hear the original tunes in all their glory. The HVSC is regularly and painstakingly updated, and now boasts well over 50,000 SID files. The majority of the tunes have been submitted or approved by the original composers.

  • Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection (SOASC=): And automated Commodore 64 SID music to MP3 recording project based on the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). Unfortunately, as of July 2022 it is no longer being maintined, but it's still an excellent source of original SID recordings.
Stone Oakvalleys Authentic SID Collection (SOASC)

  • DeepSID by Chordian: A superb web-based SID player and user interface that is based on the HVSC, but also contains recently released tunes from the CSDb (C-64 Scene Database). You can play SID tunes with various JavsScript-based SID emulators, or with MP3s of SIDs recorded by Lemon64. DeepSID is continuously updated and contains many useful features.
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Other sources:

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Original Amiga sound

Unfortunately, there's no definitive Amiga MOD collection similar to the HVSC, however, there are several great websites with huge Amiga music collections:

C64 and Amiga Remixes

The sources of remixes are manifold, yet organised:

  • Remix.Kwed.Org: The biggest C64/SID remix file repository in the world. Public uploads are allowed and encouraged, though moderated. All downloads are free. The site is maintained by Jan Lund Thomsen (a.k.a. Kwed).

  • The biggest Amiga remix file repository, set up as the Amiga equivalent to RKO, and run by John Carehag (a.k.a. Ziphoid).
AmigaRemix V2.0

  • The biggest C64 music record label, devoted to enhancing the scene by releasing quality C64 remix CDs, usually involving the original composers wherever possible. Also the home of events such as Back in Time Live, which is the definitive Commodore remix event series, featuring live performances and many special guests. is also the publisher for many of the composers in HVSC, and have granted their permission to HVSC and RKO to allow downloads of files they administer. Logo 2023

  • SLAY Radio: A web radio playing Commodore remixes exclusively non stop from a rotational playlist and also features live shows on a regular basis.
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Remix64 - This site

Here's where the remix sceners meet. We provide background info, music charts and community facilities in close cooperation with the websites mentioned above. Listeners get the opportunity to give feedback to the remixers, while in return remixers can set up detailed information pages for their works at Remix64.

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