Remix64 Guidelines for review submissions

Please read carefully!

  1. Keep it civilised, fair and respectful.

  2. Please do not refer to other reviews. Don't use the review system for discussions - discuss things at the forum.

  3. If you write reviews, there should be some info about yourself at your member page. If you have chosen a low profile when signing up, you could still write something at your account profile section, or contact Remix64 to alter your account accordingly.

  4. A review ought to be more than Well done! or This is no good. The review should contain your reasons for thinking so.

  5. Do not base your judgement on the original SID's composition - meaning: If you didn't like the original, better not review the remix.

  6. Try to be objective, even if you don't like the tune's genre. Meaning: If you hate rap, reviewing a rap tune might be a bad idea.

  7. Submit reviews in English language, only.

  8. Check your spelling and grammar to the best of your abilities. Use Capital letters properly.

We might delete inappropriate reviews without further notice. 😊

- The Remix64 Staff