About Remix64

Hello, and welcome to Remix64.com. If you're here, you will probably be a fan of Commodore 64 and Amiga music, and more specifically, the remixes of that music into modern forms.

As you know, the Commodore 64 and Amiga computers had great soundchips. And, importantly, great musical talents that pushed these machines to their limits to create more evocative soundtracks than had ever been heard before.

This site is a portal to the surprisingly unified world of Commodore music remixing and music, containing news, reviews, charts and chat, and this file is your guide to the scene we love.

Here is your friendly guide to Remix64.com, and remixing in general.

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Remix64 Site Map

The site is split into three main sections:

  1. a Magazine section, which is news, reviews, articles, etc...

  2. a Music section, which deals with the nitty gritty of allowing you access to all those lovely remixes out there

  3. a Community section, where you can hang out and meet the other remix sceners

Magazine Section


News that might be of interest to the C64 remixers, whether it be technical, eventful, or competitional.


Every month the Remix64 editor muses on the scene or the nature of creativity, or Badgers, or whatever.


Miscellaneous articles that provide depth to the scene: from arguments to tongue-in-cheek reports, it's all here.


CD and occasional software reviews.


Exclusive interviews with most of the major remix and SID figures. Here's where you put an opinion to the face...


Occasional tutorials on technical issues.


There have been two CDs with the name Remix64: the first was a journey into 80s sounding SID covers, and the second is an epic collection of soundtracks. Here's where you find information on them.

Music Section


virtually all C64 remixes of note are represented here: the voting is for members of Remix64, which is free to join, of course.


virtually all Amiga remixes of note are represented here: the voting is for members of Remix64, which is free to join, of course!


Charts are all very well, but sometimes you want more detail. Here are named reviews from Remix64 members


If you want to compete, here's the place!

Community Section


Directs you to the Remix64 IRC channel.


THE place for C64 and Amiga remix & scene news.


Er... it's links!


Who else has joined? You might be surprised!


Join up, you know you want to!

Advantages: you can enter competitions and you can vote on and review remixes, which is the real participation! If you're a remixer, then your account can be linked to your remixes...

Disadvantages: you might lose hours of your life enjoying yourself!


If you're a remixer, then My Remix64 will allow you to annotate comments to your remixes to give extra-detailed information. The files themselves are either hosted at the mighty Remix.Kwed.Org, AMIGAremix, or at an alternative download location. Either way, if you upload a remix, you really should join!

See you in the mix! 😊

- The Remix64 Staff