How I Made Scarabaeus


Tim Forsyth has decided to make a fabulous making-of video, too, explaning how he made his amazing Scarabaeus - The Escape remix. Watch the hour long video here.

Also note that now has a dedicated page where all these videos are collected in one place, check it out at this link.

Submitted by LaLa
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BIT Live 2023 Remix Compo


The FastLoaders, and SLAY Radio are very excited to announce that the upcoming BIT Live 2023 event in November will yet again feature a remix compo! The theme for this year's compo is Chord-emulating Arpeggios! Meaning, your remix should showcase brisk arpeggios emulating chords, comprising a minimum of 3 distinct notes each.

Entries can be submitted now, the deadline for entries is 2023. October 29 at 23:59 Central European Time. Click the link to access the compo's page where you can also find all the rules of the competition.

Note: you must be a registered member at in order to access the upload form!

Submitted by LaLa

New Tutorial: Apidya Highscore (Orchestral)


Dr.Future has released a new tutorial where he shows how to rearrange the Apidya Highscore theme in an orchestral way. Maybe it is interesting for someone. Language in the video is German, but subtitles are available in multiple languages, including English.


Submitted by Dr Future

Dr Future's Tutorial About His Ace 2 Remix


Dr Future informed us that last year he also made a how-to video showing how he made his Ace 2 (Danger Zone Edit) remix. The video is in German, but auto-translate is also available for it in many languages (including English). Check it out at the link below!

Submitted by LaLa

Makke's Show and Tell: Ghosts n Goblins


Makke just posted an incredibly interesting and educational video on YouTube showing how he made his fantastic Ghosts n Golbins (Ghosts n Thrillers) remix that was released in 2021 for the Árok Party compo. If you are interested in what effort a top-level remixer puts into creating such a remix, or if you are just curious how Makke looks like πŸ˜€, check out the video at the link below!

Submitted by LaLa

ZZAP! Live 2023 - Breaking News!


There are good news and bad news. The good news is that Saturday's ZZAP! Live 2023 event will be streamed live on YouTube. The bad news is that due to personal reasons, unfortunately, Rob Hubbard will not be able to attend. There are still plenty of interesting discussions to be had, so do check it out!

The ZZAP! Live event will take place on August 12, 2023 at The Holiday Inn in Kenilworth, UK covering each and every Commodore system, including the Amiga family.

Submitted by LaLa
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Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581

Nexus 6581

by Reyn Ouwehand

The first album to really demonstrate how C64 tunes could sound played live, and the first to feature demo music. Reyn Ouwehand is an ex-member of the famed "Maniacs of Noise", a C64 composer himself and a successful record producer. His considerable musical skill is showcased here. It was also demonstrated live in 2003 for Stuck in D'80s, his CD arrangements forming the bedrock of their repertoire. Highlights of this CD include the awe-inspiring C64-Oriental-tune medley "Asian Legends", and his definitive rock cover of Ben Daglish's crowd-pleaser "Deflektor". ** Now includes Nexus 6581-II tracks for download ** ** Now includes FLAC Album download provided by C64Audio Friend Daniel Martinsson **

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Listening Recommendation


Arranged by Mordi

When a song keeps playing over and over on my system, and I don't know I have listened to the same thing for 2 hours and that I continually to get goose bumps at the same place each time is the sign of a song that has been put together really REALLY well! You Originally this song was one of the ones I played on SID a lot - but now I am just going to be playing this even more! Great work!!

Review by winc

Random review

 Sweet (feat. Elsa & Karin)

Arranged by Markus Schneider & Mahoney

A really great, sweeping orchestral remix of Johannes Bjerregaard's "Sweet". I especially liked the wonderful refrain with the superb singing by Karin Öjehagen. The sheer beauty of her crystal clear voice and the wonderfully orchestrated harmonies actually made me cry. Divinely beautiful!

Review by xonder

Latest Review

 Ocean Loader 2 (Year of the Analogue Horn)

Arranged by Dan Tootill

I must have listened to this 30 times today. What a fab remix of a classic tune, you did a fab job on this Dan, the arp bass sounds amazing. loved it, loved it, loved it..........

Review by RaidenSkywalker

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