Interview with JLD, Remixer of the Year 2022 on SLAY Radio


SLAY Radio interviewed JLD, the winner of the Remixer of the Year 2022 award on today's show. Check it out at the YouTube link below.

Submitted by LaLa
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ROTY 2022 - The results are in!


The live show blasted off from the ceremonial SLAY Radio HQ on Sunday, 26th February 2023 at 18:00 CET. Hosted by ziona, Slaygon and Boz the show kicked off with the usual recap of each month's news and highlights of 2022.


Half an hour into the show, the first award of the night, Best Newcomer 2022 was announced, won by Oxx. The follow up award Best Veteran went to previous years ROTY, Dr Future!


gibs version of Romeo Knight classic Cream Of The Earth won Best Amiga Remix. Best c64 remix was scored by Fist2 - The Legend Continues (feat. Vaggelis) by XxDUSTYxX.

UPDATE: due to a techical problem, Parallax Mini EP - The Past, Present and Future by Tim Forsyth scored #5 while it should have scored #1 in Best c64 Remix category. We resolved this by having a shared #1. Our apologies for this honest mistake.


Best Lifetime achievement was won well deservedly by Mordi, the remixing scene's powerhouse over the years. Not only super supportive to the scene and community, but also won every ROTY award possible during the years.


Finally, JLD scored the big one, Remixer of The Year 2022!


Check the results page for the full lists, and if you missed the show you can watch it there, too.

Submitted by LMan

Remixer of the Year 2022 Awards Show


The time has come to celebrate and acknowledge the remixers' work in the C64 and Amiga community by presenting the yearly ROTY Awards, as voted by the users at

So, join us as we go through some highlights of 2022 and announce the runner-ups and winners of each category!

  • Date: Sunday, February 26, 2023
  • Time: 18:00 CET
  • Place: SLAY Radio
Submitted by LaLa

Remix News, January 2023


Season 4 of Remix News is here featuring the latest AmigaRemix and RKO (C64 SID remix) uploads of January, 2023. Courtesy Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.

Submitted by LaLa

Quick Take - An Interview with Mr Weebl


A short interview with Mr Weebl, the artist behind the latest remix album SID Life Crisis that was released in January, 2023.

Submitted by LaLa

FastLoaders Concert in Poland


The FastLoaders will be pretty busy this summer, as in addition to their previously announced concert in London they just announced that they will have a concert in Warsaw, Poland at the Pixel Heaven 2023 Games & Pop Culture Festival. Tickets and additional info at the provided links.

  • Date: Saturday, May 27, 2023
  • Time: 21:00 CET
  • Place: Minska 65 Str., Warsaw, Poland
Submitted by LaLa

25 Years of Back In Time


A few days ago we passed an important anniversary: it has been 25 years ago that Back In Time was published by Chris Abbott, the first Commodore-64 remix album which was followed by several more in the series, and eventually spawned even live concerts and BIT Live parties, not to mention the most recent 8-Bit Symphony album where SID tunes were played by an actual, real symphonic orchestra. They can all trace their origins back to this little album that sold over 2500 copies - and what a journey it has been over those 25 years! So, please, take a moment to reflect on this momentous occasion and join us in congratulating Back In Time on its 25th anniversary!

Submitted by LaLa
Check this out
Galway Remixed - Reyn Ouwehand

Galway Remixed

by Reyn Ouwehand

The ideal partner to Project Galway to celebrate the genius of Mr Galway himself, this CD is a slice of accomplished, hard-edged synth with a contemporary edge not blunted since its release. Highlights include a great dancey "Wizball" reminiscent of Wizball 2000 but with its own flavour (and a reverse attack that sends shivers down the spine), a Miami Vice that you can lose your consciousness in, and a full length Parallax that really conveys the thrill of the melodic ending of the piece.

arrow_forwardCheck it out...

Listening Recommendation

 Parallax (Andes Ocarina mix)

Arranged by Kurrel the Raven

what a nice touch of a parallax. i'm feeling like i'm standing on a mountain right in columbia (somehow i also feel being in a coffee commercial). this tune plays right away a human live-played-feeling, in every aspect. no sign of miditiming or computer added music making.
so does the instrumentals. a very organic and emotional remix at a very charming factor is this fine piece. the style suits very good to the melody part of parallax. but in the end i miss something: the music is too short. i would like to hear this tune like a 5 minute score. very well done mr. raven. thank you for the music.

Review by OJ Oscillation

Random review

 Ramparts (DnB Remix)

Arranged by korrph

We've heard this style before... Write a simple tune and slam a few beats behind it, very boring and uninspirational. It does improve a bit as the remix goes on, but it just doesn't do anything to the ears.

One of those songs that you get bored of very very easily.

Review by Tas

Latest Review

 Rise Up

Arranged by SoundLogic

Great stuff... Sounds a bit metal 😊 Very well arranged and very well mixed. This remix should have more positive ranking.

Review by Isacco1975

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Immortal C64 - Episode 102 -Monday Antidote.
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