Tranmission64 Performances and Danko Interview


The 4th Transmission64 online demo party was held on Nov 25, 2023. There were several events at this party of note to Commodore remix fans:

  • Reyn's live on tape performance from The Church (YT link), including a touching tribute to Johannes Bjerregaard,
  • Shogoon & Friends online concert (YT link),
  • Interview with legendary C64 SID musician and remixer Danko (YT link) by Slaygon and Ziona.
Submitted by LaLa
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BIT Live 2023 Videos


If you missed the event, don't worry - you can still re-live the live stream of BIT Live 2023 on Twitch courtesy of SLAY Radio. See the links below!

Submitted by LaLa

BIT Live 2023 Remix Compo - Results


The entries have been vetted, the ballot has been created, and the votes have been counted - the results of the BIT Live 2023 Remix Compo are in! And the winner is…

Submitted by LaLa

BREAKING: BIT Live 2023 Schedule Change


Unfortunately, neither Jeroen Tel, nor Chris Abbott will be able to make it to BIT Live this year (see link to FastLoaders' Facebook announcement below). With Jeroen's absence the Saturday schedule of BIT Live 2023 has changed slightly, too: Ziona is now slated to start one hour earlier at 23:00 CET. Attached is the updated schedule.

Submitted by LaLa

BIT Live 2023 Schedule


Back In Time Live 2023 is just a few days away! See the picture above for the full schedule of the event. Also note that the remix compo is scheduled to start at 18:00 CET on Saturday, Nov 4. Voting will take place both online here on, and attendees will also be able to submit ballots in person at the event. Last year the compo had 10 entries, and we are happy to announce that this year's compo will exceed that number for sure! See you all soon at BIT Live 2023!

Submitted by LaLa

Shogoon and Friends 2 Online Concert


Talented SID musician, Shogoon, has started a crowdfunding campaign for an online concert filled with soulful guitar playing, string quartet and vocal arrangements of C64 scene and game music. The concert will take place at the Transmission64 demo party on Nov 25, 2023. More details at the link below.

Submitted by LaLa

Encore500 Now Available on for Free


The following is a press release from the Encore Team:

We are delighted to announce the release of the entire Encore500 album on! That’s right! 21 tracks total so you can enjoy the whole Encore500 album absolutely free. Whether you listen to tracks in isolation or take the whole-album journey, we’re sure there’s something for everybody within the diverse contents. With its massive 100+ minutes of Amiga remixes and 21 tracks by some of the Amiga’s legendary, original musicians, Encore500 is an impressive collective of both Game & Demo music, made with the highest possible production values we could muster.

Encore500 is our 2nd complete, current, commercial album given freely to the scene this year and represents our love of the Amiga-remix scene following Encore64 (which was released for free on RKO back in April). So, you can listen, review & comment on the album’s tracks and we hope you will appreciate the work, invention & creativity which went into making this wide-ranging sequel to Encore64, diverse & different as it is; most of all though, we hope you enjoy the music…

The Encore Team

Submitted by LaLa
Check this out
Back In Time Live DVD

Back in Time Live

by Various

Stuck in D'80s, Rob Hubbard, Press Play on Tape, Visa Röster, The C64 Mafia. Amazing live performances recorded at Brighton Centre (2003) and St. Luke's LSO (2004). Consists of DVD1 (St. Luke's concert), DVD2 (Rob Hubbard live at the Brighton Centre), and an audio CD of the best tracks from both. Now shipping! All disks playable on normal DVD players, PAL Region 0 DVD. Highlights include "I'm a Pumpkin Man" Live, Visa Roster's International Karate complete with guest sprites, and Stuck in D'80s Spellbound, featuring the most amazing violin solo ever.

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Listening Recommendation


Arranged by laamaa

nice one. i dont know what to write. they forced me to comment a song.

Review by das.Mordschaf

Random review

 Wings Of Fury

Arranged by JPH

It's short, yeah, but it's *short and sweet*. =)
Helicopters and gunfire, and electric guitar melodies… almost kicks most of the power metal bands out of the charts!

This is just *epic*! Great work.

No idea about the nostalgic value. I don't care. This thing rules even without nostalgy. Yet, since it reminds me of SID arpeggios, I have to give *some* score =)

Review by wwwwolf

Latest Review

 Green Beret (live at The Church Transmission 64)

Arranged by Reyn Ouwehand

This live act is absolutely next level. If you call yourself a C64remix fan, do yourself a favour and watch the complete video. It is also a great tribute to Johannes Bjerregaard who passed last year. I must admit that I started remixing C64 tunes after listening to Reyn's Green Beret live rendition 16 years ago. After all those years, it was great to meet him in person @X2023 where it turned out that he is not only an incredible fellow performer but a really cool guy as well. Than you Reyn for being what you are.

Review by NecroPolo

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