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Remix News galore! Clearing a bit of a backlog here, nevertheless, plenty of tunes to be heard in 4 months' worth of Remix News, courtesy Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio!

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Interview with Barry Leitch at Back in Time Live 2022


BIT Live 2022 Interview with Barry Leitch by fluke73.

Submitted by fluke73

Johannes Bjerregaard 1970-2022


We are extremely heartbroken to report that Johannes Bjerregaard, a gifted SID musician, a former member of Maniacs of Noise, passed away at the age of 52 in Lubbock, Texas due to a recurrence of cancer. He is survived by his wife and three children. Our thoughts are with his family.

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BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo - Results


The results of the voting for the BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo are in! And the winners are...

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BIT Live 2022 Program


Click below for a detailed program of BIT Live 2022 on October 21-22 in Bergen, Norway!

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BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo Deadline Quickly Approaching!


The deadline for the BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo is quickly approaching! You have until October 16 to submit your entry. Go to the compo's website to learn about the rules and to submit your entry. Good luck!

Submitted by LaLa
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GRG - A tribute to Jeroen Tel

A Tribute to Jeroen Tel

by German Remix Group

One year after "a Tribute to Jochen Hippel" the GRG gave their tribute to another retro legend. The album "a Tribute to Jeroen Tel" was released in the winter season 2012/2013. The three new members "Sunspire", "Xenox" & "Awesome-A" joined the German Remix Group for this project.

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Listening Recommendation

 Great Giana Sisters

Arranged by Dr Future

I could listen to this one over and over and over. It's really great and a good break from all the dance remixes. I don't mind dance remixes and some of them are good too, but THIS remix is really musical. The accoustic sound is very nice. I think this is my favorite c64 remix. GREAT JOB!

Review by suso

Random review

 Apidya Level 1 Trance 2K4 Remix

Arranged by Awesome-A

heh awesome really does like his apidya tunes dont he... this is the 2nd one ive heard from him and frankly i hope for an entire set.. GET TO WORK MR AWESOME!! ..

right anyway... yes... review... here goes.

ive heard this on midi time and time again and absolutely LOVE the 1st line, its got trance written all over it and hearing it in full lovely syntho power made the hairs stand up on my arms.. this is a tremendous remix i want to say that now so that we establish that im not going to diss this very much.

the tune slowly builds up like a trance tune does, it has a very whispy feel to it, kinda like chicane crossed with matt darey.. then after a lil drum roll drop we come back to that beautiful main line. and a slowed breakbeat/normal bpm combo which works great. then your normal bog standard drumbeat, that despite being tried and tested does as usual work well here.

the synths are nicely reverbed, not too deep not too long, it all moves along nicely, its not quiete a tune you could get up and dance too as such but as a listener you are in my opinion drawn into the tune, its not a total work of art.
but for what it is it is bloody brilliant.

my only tiny gripe is that it does take a while to start and the mainline isnt used to much effect.. BUT what is used and what is there is brilliantly done and i recommend its download forthwith.

Review by infamous

Latest Review

 Sacred Armour of Antiriad

Arranged by CGMcloud

Technically fine, its got a nostalgic feeling , but the original track is sad for me, but its comes the old times!

Review by Unreal

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