Jeroen Tel Birthday Tribute Live Show


Friday, May 19th 2023 is Jeroen Tel's birthday and will celebrate him by performing some of his songs live on Friday 2200 CET. The first hour will be dedicated to Jeroen Tel's music. Here are some of the songs that might be be played: Cybernoid2, Hawkeye, Robocop 3, Golden Axe, Supremacy, Turbo Outrun, Myth, Noisy Pillars, Rubicon and more.

Submitted by fluke73
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Encore500 on SLAY Radio


SLAY Radio will be hosting a roundtable discussion with the creators of the upcoming Encore500 Amiga remix album this coming Thursday, May 18 @ 8pm (Central European Daylight Time). On-air guests will include such notable musicians as Jogeir Liljedahl, Romeo Knight, and Barry Leitch, with other artists featured on the album expected to join in on SLAY Radio's Discord channel. As usual, you can tune to SLAY Radio on their stream on their website, and the show is also planned to be simulcast on YouTube and Twitch. Check out SLAY Radio's website for more details.

Submitted by LaLa

New Album by FastLoaders "C64 Rocks" Now Available!


The FastLoaders have officially released their latest album C64 Rocks, which is now available for purchase as a digital download and will be available as a physical album on June 2, 2023. From their official press release:

Reinvigorating C64 tunes from gaming classics like 'Rambo', 'Commando', and 'Sanxion', 'C64 Rocks' features 55 electrifying tracks arranged and performed by guitar virtuoso Jarle H. Olsen, powerhouse drummer Bjarte K. Helland and versatile keyboardist Kjetil Nossum. Their signature blend of massive guitars, lush synths and varied arrangements breathes new life into the works of pioneering composers such as Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Ben Daglish, Tim Follin, Fred Gray, Martin Walker, and Matt Gray.

For more info and for the full press release, click the links below.

Remix64 has also reviewed the album - check out LaLa's review of C64 Rocks

Submitted by LaLa

Encore64 Album Now Available on RKO + Announcing Encore500


Press release from the creators of Encore64:

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are delighted to announce the release of the entire Encore64 album on RKO & Remix64. That’s right! All 13 tracks have been uploaded so you can enjoy the Encore64 album for free. Whether you choose to listen to individual tracks in isolation or take the whole-album journey, we’re sure there’s something for everybody within the diverse contents. This upload comes just ahead of the release of Encore500, due early-summer 2023. With its massive, 100+ minutes of Amiga Remixes. 20+ tracks by some of the Amiga’s legendary, original musicians, Encore500 is a powerhouse of both Game & Demo music. As far as we know, the Encore64 upload is a first; an entire, current, commercial album given freely to RKO/Remix64. If you say you are doing something for the love of the music & scene, you really should back that up. So, now you can listen, review & comment on the albums' tracks and we hope you will appreciate the invention & creativity which went into making this eclectic album as diverse & different as it is… The Encore Team...


Editorial note: Several commercial CD projects have been partially or fully released for free in the past (Rob Returns, Cinematic 64, Remix64 vol 2 for instance) .

We certainly applaud the love and enthusiasm Encore64 and those previous projects dedicate to our small and special scene.

Submitted by LaLa

"C64 Rocks" Release Date Announced


The FastLoaders have just announced that their next mega-album, C64 Rocks will be released as a digital download on May 1st, 2023 for all Kickstarter backers and to all who pre-ordered. The album will contain a whopping 55 tracks! The physical discs will be shipped during June. In addition they would also like to remind people that the official C64 Rocks release party / concert will be in Camden, London at the Underworld Club on Friday, June 2, 2023. Hope to see you all there!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News, March 2023


Remix News for March 2023, courtesy Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.

Submitted by LaLa

Easter Retro Concert by Fluke73


There will be a live retro concert by Fluke73 tonight (Friday, Apr 7) at 21:00 CET at the Syntax Society Easter Party! It's also going to be streamed live - links below!

Submitted by LaLa
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Chris Huelsbeck   Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 4

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 4

by Chris Hülsbeck

Chris Huelsbeck presents: The »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology«, a comprehensive 4 volume collection of music from the Turrican series of games, faithfully recreated, arranged and updated with high end studio sounds. This volume covers Super Turrican 1+2.


released November 26, 2013

Produced by Chris Huelsbeck
Co-Produced by Jan Zottmann & Thomas Böcker
Arrangements & Orchestrations (Track 2 – 19) Fabian Del Priore in collaboration with Chris Huelsbeck & Jan Zottmann
Mastering: Hans-Jörg Maucksch (Pauler Acoustics)
TSA Logo: The Light Works
Liner Notes: Audun Sorlie
Booklet Layout: []

Track 1: Wayne Marshall, WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln,
WDR Rundfunkchor Köln Eine Produktion des
Westdeutschen Rundfunks Köln, 2012
Arranger: Roger Wanamo
Executive-Producer: Dr. Michael Breugst
Tonmeister: Markus Mittermeier
Toningenieur: Uwe Sabirowsky


all rights reserved

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Listening Recommendation

 Commando (rock mix)

Arranged by Johan Andersson

When I heared that tune first, I thought Commando? In Rock-Style? Impossible, that can't work Well, I was wrong. It can, Johan, you proved it. Great Job. Well done.

Review by Grigul

Random review

 Superfrog - Ancient level (Ode to Hathor remix)

Arranged by Soundspawner

This is a really fresh remix! Wonderfull atmosphere in the begining. Love the great stereo separation. Over all it's a really fresh take on this song. The only let down was the ending that was a bit too abrubt.

Review by fluke73

Latest Review

 Deformata (Encore64)

Arranged by Danko

Evoking the style of 1990s piano house it wouldn't be amiss on the dance floor, either - but then, we didn't expect anything less from Danko, did we? In a nod to the past this track also features a healthy amount of SID sounds (or at least sounds that remind me of the SID's oscillators) weaved delicately into the arrangement, and it's also infused with a healthy dose of something that I can only describe as demo scene style.

Review by LaLa

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