Remix News, May 2024


The Remix News for May 2024 has just been published on YouTube. Catch up on all the RKO and AmigaRemix releases you may have missed in May, then listen to this month's Spotlight track - guess which one that might be? Watch the video to find out!

Submitted by LaLa
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Árok Party 2024 Remix Compo


Don't forget that Árok Party 2024 is less than a month away, and it's still the only demoscene party that has a remix competition! They do accept remote submissions, although prizes are for on-site attendees only. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 28 @ 17:00 CEST (UTC+2). Visit Árok Party's website for more details. The remix compo will also be broadcast live on SLAY Radio.

Submitted by LaLa

Reyn's Live Set at X2024


Fairlight TV recorded a good chunk of Reyn's live performance at X2024 (which was back in May), and he just posted it on YouTube. Reyn remixed a couple of well-known SID tunes live as part of his act. The audio is not exactly perfect, but the recording gives you a good idea about the magic that is Reyn improvising live.

Submitted by LaLa

Geoff Follin Passed Away


It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of video game musician Geoff Follin. He passed away from pancreatic cancer earlier this week, as announced on his Facebook page by his brother, Tim Follin. Geoff leaves behind his wife and 3 children. Our deepest condolences to them, to his brothers, and to the entire extended Follin family.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News, April 2024


The Remix News for April 2024 is finally here! Catch up on all the RKO and AmigaRemix releases you may have missed in April (there were quite a few of them!), then listen to this month's Spotlight track in its entirety. Which one is that? Click the link of the video to find out!

Submitted by LaLa
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Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581

Nexus 6581

by Reyn Ouwehand

The first album to really demonstrate how C64 tunes could sound played live, and the first to feature demo music. Reyn Ouwehand is an ex-member of the famed Maniacs of Noise, a C64 composer himself and a successful record producer. His considerable musical skill is showcased here. It was also demonstrated live in 2003 for Stuck in D'80s, his CD arrangements forming the bedrock of their repertoire. Highlights of this CD include the awe-inspiring C64-Oriental-tune medley Asian Legends, and his definitive rock cover of Ben Daglish's crowd-pleaser Deflektor. ** Now includes Nexus 6581-II tracks for download ** ** Now includes FLAC Album download provided by C64Audio Friend Daniel Martinsson **

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Listening Recommendation

 Monty On The Run (I've Heard This Song Before)

Arranged by druu

Agreed, it's a great arrangement, and I don't even love DubSt. But as my son says, the old west piano sections are amazing and really make this one stand out. Love those transitions.

Review by JonSolo42

Random review

 Monday (Maf remake)

Arranged by maf

I am a fan of Maf's music. Since many years he disappeared (maf464) from Youtube. I started with his first Mafland song due to a mobile game called Fastball 2.

Review by Isacco1975

Latest Review


Arranged by Eivind Sommersten

A great talent for mixing SID and rhythm. I'm sorry it didn't last a little longer.

Review by Divus

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