Ziphoid - Comic Bakery (Broken Bakery Remix)

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This track was made for the amazing 2008 album Remix64 vol. 3: Syntax Era, which set out to have remixes inspired by known 80s music.


I actually started off working on a remix of Baby of Can Guru by Chris Hülsbeck, but after trying to find a suitable style for it, I gave that up and on March 2nd of 2007 I started working on a first draft of this track. After testing things back and forth and recruiting an old friend (Magnus Högdahl) to help me add some guitars, getting hints and help with Logic Pro from another dear friend, Firefox, on September 8th 2007 I sent a final version off to Thomas Detert for mastering.


My first and only track made with Logic Pro so far. 😊


Released to RKO now that the sales of Syntax Era is discontinued.


At first I was like this does not work, who would have such a crazy idea but slowly it grew on me and by the end I was thinking this is a very nicely done, well-crafted piece. Well, I suppose I haven't yet heard a remix of this tune set in the style of 'One Day At A Time' by Lena Martell. I hope I never do ???? ...Martin Galway

Love the original take and the production is great!
I would really like to hear about the thought process behind putting CB into a BW environment because I don't think it's a natural fit... However, it works because of the outstanding production.
I thought there are all Comic Bakery remixes out there yet. But this new approach is really outstanding. I don't know the 2008 Version but this one is really a red smiley.
Wonderful 1980s-style production.
Perfect remix.
So you did this track in 2008 and uploaded it to RKO 2020, right? This is fresh as morning dew and could've been from 2020 right away. F***ing awesome production in every aspect. K*U*D*O*S!!!
God damn!
Always loved this, from hearing Ziph give me a early preview in a pub in London! The merging of both tunes gets better as the remix progresses. Wonderful stuff even now!
Stunning then and now.
Sounds a little different than the Syntax Era version. Great stuff, dude!
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Ziphoid published this remix in 2008 on the 'Syntax Era' album - I liked it back then, and I still like it now, 12 years later! The intro is a spot-on recreation of Broken Wings - after which the appearance of the Comic Bakery melody line feels tacked on. But this remix gets better as it goes on and it gives you that unmistakable slow tempo 80s ballad feel throughout. Especially noteworthy in this tune is the delicate guitar work of Magnus Högdahl, which lends a lot of authenticity to it.