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Since It's Binary, Baby! has gone off the radar for a while, I decided to release the remixes here on RKO. I will release one track per month in track order from the album. I decided to remaster the tracks. Not sure if they're better sounding or just different sounding, but they've been remastered from my original Renoise mixdowns.


A pretty good stab at trip hop. 😊


Trackers are outstanding for cutting up drum loops and rearranging them. That’s something I miss with Renoise now that I’m using Studion One. This is the sort of track my brain would think up in the middle of the night during extensive periods of insomnia.


It’s not a straightforward remix as it incorporates several Hubbard SIDs, but doesn’t quite cover any of them in its entirety. I can hear Crazy Comets, Delta, and Star Paws in there. There might be some more small references to other tracks that I'm not picking up right now.


I love how good that organ is sounding, despite the fact it's one (1!) sampled organ note. Probably with Renoise built in chorus effect on it and a bit of delay.


Perhaps the best lyrics I've ever written.


6510 (Processor)

1650 (Modem)

1525 (Printer)

1530 (Datasette)


6567 (VIC-II video chip for NTSC)

1351 (Mouse)

1541 (Floppy drive)

6581 (SID chip!)


Makke always delivers! That being said, I find the lead instrument a little bit weak but that's of course from today's perspective, 16 year's after the track's original release...
A classic track! The boosted bass in this version means it cuts out quite abruptly at the end though, could use a few seconds longer or a light fade.
It’s the timing and delivery of the words for me. This is great. So different from everything else out there, typical makke, brilliant.
Very good job! This remix soothes me, it gives me peace.
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Still sounding great after all those years! This has everything: multiple Hubbard tunes, hip-hop beat, Commodore ad samples, and lyrics that only a true C64 geek can understand.