Juha Kaunisto - Calm

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This is in fact the third version of Calm I've done, first two were demos that I made in a bit different (more hard rock) style.

Just a short technical info:
  • Sequencer: Logic Pro running on OS X
  • Drums: Played and recorded by Elad Fish of www.drumsforyou.com
  • Percussion: Spectrasonics Stylus
  • Bass: Cort Curbow straight to Mbox
  • Acoustics: Ibanez AW1000 through Rode NT1a
  • Electrics: Gretsch Nashville through Vox Tonelab
  • Flute: Something they sold me at the local store when I asked for the kind of flute you play in school
  • Effects: mainly Waves Renaissance
Vote distribution
Amazing guitar work.
This is amazing! I could just imagine seeing this played live! Quick get him to come to BITLIVE!
I really really enjoyed this one. See my post to the R64 boards about it.
Re-reviewed this one after just listening now to it again, its fucking awesome
Great.. Period
Perfect. Enough said.
Lovely acoustic guitar, great stuff.....
I loved this, excellent stuff.
Very well done. Sounds like REM though..
This version is fantastic, but as sumppi said, there were two versions before this, and I wish he'd made two final remixes, because one of those versions were great, too.
SHIT! This is just great! (Snare bit too loud for my taste)
Good guitar play indeed, but the song did not touch me in any way, maybe I miss something everyone else got...
*BOWS* Amazingly beautiful! Excellent work!
This tune rules!!! Keep up the good word dude!
F***ing great stuff, already burning it on CD... Want more!!! Regards...
Like it a lot. Nice and poppy. Great guitar.
This track should reallly have a video.
Just amazing. At a loss of words here.
More! More! More!
Excellent technical execution, but in the end, it left me a little unfulfilled. Intense, but lacks the climax it needs, instead settling for crescendo and slight variations on the theme.
A little bit 'money's for nuthin', but the drinks are free' and I mean that in a good way!!!!
Timing, mixing and accuracy issues here and there, like it was a live version. But Kudos for the effort! A lot of heart and soul must have gone into this one.
It Rocks!
Breathing, smooth rock. Feels like a fresh breath of air among thousands of electro remixes. Keep doing that!
Superb, but the drums let it down slightly
An guitar masterpiece
Review by franky


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Nostalgia factor

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Fantasic Work, perfect arranged and played. A outstanding Guitarline, good Rock´nRoll. One of the best ever!