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Hi to all,

I started using computers at the end of 1979 in a computer association for beginers. It was a Goupil 1. After that I used a lot of computer (TRS-80, Goupil 2 and 3, ZX spectrum, ZX-81, Apple II, …) but my first computer at home was a Texas Instrument TI-99/4A, on which I begin development in Basic.

After that I use a Amstrad CPC 6128 and finally an Amiga 500 (and after a long list of Apple Macintosh computers).

I'm not a musician, but I really loved what the demoscene could produce on this platform and all the graphic and music creations.

So I'm really happy to discover all these remix of famous old computer tunes.

You are doing a very good job, and thank you to all for this.

Greatings from France


Actually at home : 2 x TI-99/4A, CPC 6128, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Mac+, Mac LCII/LCII/LC475, PowerBook 520c, Classic II, Quadra 700, PowerMac 6100, eMate, iBook G3 Tangerine & Graphite DV, PowerBook G3, PowerBook Titanium G4, PowerMac G4 Cube, PowerBook Aluminium G4, MacBook Pro Penryn, iMac 27" Quad i5.