Firefox - Sleepwalk - Original K Obarski Remix

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Jimmy here. This tune has stayed with me for a long long time and there are some
remixes of it out there. But no one that capures the heart of the original track wich was absolutley
fabulous when it first came out.

So I thought, what the heck. Lets make an original version and give it the instrumentation
it was supposed to have. That was my goal anyway. By the sound of it I really managed to
do just that.

Some have noted that the mid range frequencies are on the virge of being abit to strong. I can
almost agree on that. Will run it through a multimetering plug to analyze the freq spectrum.

I'll just make another master and if the gods are willing I could upload a updated version. Someone
also said that it's abit on the repetetive side "yes" it is because the original was like that. But I
have made some changes and I tried to make som more changes to the melody to make it not
so repetetive. That ended up in sounding really bad because it came too far from the original.

What I speak of now is the small flute fill that plays the same in the whole track. I even wanted to
add a string (some violins) in the end but it didn't sound good aswell. So instead of overdoing the
track I thought it was best to release it.

I have some more remixes in the pipe. You will just have to wait for them :O)..

ROTY 2006

1 Best Amiga Remix

Firefox has simply made the most amazing remix of this MOD and captures the feeling of the original well
A tad uncomfortable in the midrange, but otherwise great, with a lot of Jogeir-esque feelings for me
Part from those sharp frequencies, this is absolute bliss!
This is very nice! Great instrumentation and great arrangement. For me, just this || close to outstanding, due to being a bit on the repetive side. Other than that, wonderful!!
A varied sound palette makes this a standout track! Great stuff Jimmy.
Soft and smooth, love it.
Never heard the original, it doesnt sound like my cup of tea in the end but there is no faulting how nice this sounds.
It's well done... But too close to the original I think...
I didn't know the riginal but it's so beautiful
Oh.. My.. God! One of my absolute favourite tunes and you remixed it beautifully. *worships at the altar of FireFox*. What else can I say? I could listen to this all day. Heck, I -will- listen to this all day. :D
Really nice, well done Firefox.
I have heard this one a thousand and one times during its development phase and I must say that I really love it. It captures the feeling of the original and yet brings a new dimension into it. Slick and beautifully done.
I dont know the tune. Great instruments including effects and production! Well done...... I like....:)
Clean production, I miss some bells & whistles, but there's little to fault it.
Nice arrangement and mastering! Well done!
My favourite Amiga musician with a faboulous piece! Would love to hear a remix of some of your own pieces, like Chinese Dream!
It sounds a little bit too high pitched to me and makes it slightly uncomfortable on the ears. HOWEVER, the remix is very good.
I love this tune & sound is very qualitative this one leave me a taste for more...
Sounds ok, but that's it.
Firefox the man the myth the legend. One of my favorite composer on the amiga scene. Great job man! :D
It is good but those sounds aren't so beatiful for my ears and head
Friggin lovely tune... Awesome...:)
Simply genius!:-)
Lovely rendition of a nice tune
Awesome. Catches spirit of the early Amiga MOD with beautiful sound.
Nicely done, bit sharp.

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