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Moshe Reish
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October 2006
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Oxygen  Amiga music remixes

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My father played on guitar before i was born, than he had an accident in his work and he lose his finger, becasue of that he sold his guitar and started to learn to play on the piano & Organ.
Then i was born on the sound of the piano and Organ and my father tech me music a lot of years.
Then i started to compose music on Amiga with the software named:Octamed.
In 19 years old my friend setup a bend and i asked him to tech me to play on guitar.
After 2 years the bend decomposed and i started to combine between the Guitar & Synt with my friend on the Octamed software.
Then i was very sad that Amiga Computer didn't succeed and PC was rule on the Computer market, so i started to learn about Midi on my PC.
And that what i'm doing until today composing Amiga tune on a PC computer
Have Fun 😊" />