Dr Future - Hollywood Poker Pro (All In 2007)

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Bloody hell! This is just so well mixed I'm melting! The singing is a bit off from time to time, and the lyrics feel a bit cheesy... But hey, I'm in a forgiving mood. I really like this.:)
This is such great fun, the arrangement works really well and is just really 1980s synth and even if the lyrics and vocals are a bit on the cheesy side it actually sounds so much like many 80s synthpop hits, no bad thing. Excellent job!
Omg, synthpop!!! There is some glitch in the vocals but nothing that celemony melodyne can't fix ;) I want more of this kind, cheeeeeeeeeeez! :D
I like the 80s synth-pop arrangement, it's spot on. The singing, however, leaves a lot to desire: it's painfully amateurish. As we say in Hungary, it's like pants on a cow: it just doesn't fit. Some off-key notes, clumsy and cheezy lyrics... Youch.
Jesus, so simple yet so different - yes there are mistakes but so kraftwek - Awesome!! Your best work - but work on the voice lol
The idea, the sound and the lyrics are fantastic. Only the singing... Er, let's say... Takes getting used to. Re-record it with a real singer, and you'll get an Outstanding from me! Best Dr Future ever! Keep up the good work!
Hehe "Takes getting used to" - I second that.
The best version of this game (meiner Meinung nach)
"As we say in Hungary, it's like pants on a cow: it just doesn't fit. " Ha ha ha ha! Anyway, this was groovey! ;D
The first "disco 80's" remix I hear, and it sounds like it was made back then!;)
Sorry, but the singing... :P
Sorry! The vocals RUIN in totally for me! Could have used AutoTune here AT LEAST!!
New favorite
Nice work, but the vocals are just too annoying. Big thanks for dj Paralax for the clean version.
I did like this tune the first time I heard it, its got a it of bloodhound gang-ness in the lyrics hehe... Yeah!
Nearly a VG mark. Get someone who can sing next time :D
Dont know why but I like it so much :)
Interesting with song! The singer is not performing 100%, but it's a great try and a brave arrangement.
Heh, those damn vocals!
Physically painful singing, but nicely done so it grown on you in a way...
The vocal made my day, thanks X)

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