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SkyMarshall Arts
SkyMarshall Arts
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Eirik Hafskjold
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March 2008
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Hello Remix64.

My name is Eirik, and I live in Norway on an island with my wife, daughter and four cats.


Eirik Hafskjold has his origins from the Amiga and PC tracker music scene in Norway as early as 1995. (aka DjDark, Dj Dark, SkyMarshall). Early works was produced and remixed in software such as FastTracker and Modplug Tracker and shared locally on LAN parties or online on popular tracker scene websites of the time. The rise of the internet resulted in that a few select songs started to make the rounds with free sharing of mp3, remixes, internet forums and word of mouth online - and by 1999 the norwegian electronic band SkyMarshall Arts had its genesis. From there it has been a steady stream of electronic compositions in many genres released at an intermittent rate. The common theme since the beginning on the Commodore Amiga has been gaming, and this has resulted in many a song based off arcane melodies long forgotten, which in return has resulted in a loyal likeminded fanbase. Unknown or confusing to many non-norwegians is the fact that he has produced many fairly popular norwegian songs of humorous nature as well. All in all SkyMarshall Arts has been around for a while making music in many a genre and will continue to do so in the unforseeable future.