ROTY Awards 2015 with Steph and Kevman - Show Report

The show kicked off on Satudary 6th February 2016 at 20:00CET, with a joint broadcast on and, for the first time hosted by Steph and Kevman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As usual, the setting for the show was a rundown of the most successful remixes of each month, in the categories c64. Amiga and Scene Albums, spiced with Scene news of the year.


After 20 minutes, the first winners were announced for Best Newcomer 2015. The #1 price in that category went to Tim Wright aka CoLD SToRAGE, who had released 6 remixes in 2015.


During the show there was a surprise preview for Project: Sidologie with an awesome remix of Trap by Marcel Donné.


The next awards category was Best Amiga Remix, where daxx was once again able to score a top position, this time with two tracks at once: Stardust Memories and Mega-Lo-Mania Orchestra Medley.


Erwin "Tron" Beekveld was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 for his long time continuing support, contribution and friendship to the scene.


Up next, Best c64 remix went to Slaygon with his tribute to DJ Skitz, Never Die.


In the category Best Veteran Mordi was able to score the top position, closely followed by daXX.


Finally, the grand prix of the remixing scene, the Remixer Of The Year Award 2015 was won by MRT, with daXX and Mordi coming in a very close shared second place.


Congratulations everyone, you've all deserved it. And remember, you are all winners! Thank you for keeping the scene alive, and thank you Steph and Kevman for the awesome show!

Remixer Of The Year (c64 or Amiga)

Who made the best remixes in 2015? Who was most active and supportive?

Rank Name Score
1. MRT 25
2. daXX 24
Mordi 24
3. Slaygon 19
4. Mano 18
5. Johan Andersson 16
6. Dr Future 11
7. LukHash 9
8. druu 8
9. DHS 5
Grospixels 5
Instant Remedy 5
NecroPolo 5
10. CoLD SToRAGE 4
Markus Schneider 4
11. Allister Brimble 3
SIDrip Alliance 3
12. Aki Järvinen 2
Andrea Baroni 2
Andrea Milana 2
Glyn R Brown 2
Little Jester 2
Monty 2
PeppaJP 2
Rapture 2
timmya4000 2
Virgill 2
13. Alexander Theodossiadis 1
Amok 1
Anders Hesselbom 1
Andrew Fly 1
Andy Gilmour & LMan 1
BeeZerk 1
CZ Tunes 1
Dany Carpentier 1
Dees 1
DerDiener 1
Dimitris 1
Doctorrus Petrixuss 1
Endrõdy Gábor 1
Gibs 1
Hank (Lukasz Drzewiecki) 1
Hazel 1
Hex Madroom 1
LPChip 1
neriakX 1
Phekkis 1
Phil Gregg 1
Plough 1
Puffy64 1
rp 1
ScareCrow 1
Schugosonic 1
SkyMarshall Arts 1
Sperling 1
Steve Foster 1
Tonka 1
Traxer 1
tsr 1
Uncle & The Bacon 1
Verm Project 1

Lifetime Achievement

For special achievements around the remixing scene during the years.

Rank Name Score
1. Tron -

Best Newcomer (c64 or Amiga)

Who made the greatest debut in 2015?

Rank Name Score
1. CoLD SToRAGE 16
2. Pepe Pinapple 15
3. Andrew Fly 8
tsr 8
4. V. Kaufmann 5
5. Hanz Meyzer 3
Little Jester 3
6. nelward 2
Phil Gregg 2
Schugosonic 2
Verm Project 2
7. Bob 1
Guemill 1
Gungung! 1
Imbehiiri (PsyMi) 1
Markus Schneider 1
Orlando 1
Poloskei, Gergely 1
Tim Wright 1
X-Ceed 1

Best Veteran (c64 or Amiga)

Who do you think deserves this award in 2015 for providing great remixes over a period of 5 years or longer?

Rank Name Score
1. Mordi 20
2. daXX 19
3. Dr Future 17
MRT 17
4. Slaygon 16
5. Johan Andersson 11
6. Instant Remedy 9
7. Martin Dodd 7
8. CZ Tunes 6
9. LukHash 5
Puffy64 5
10. Markus Schneider 4
NecroPolo 4
11. Allister Brimble 3
Infamous 3
Monty 3
SIDrip Alliance 3
12. Andrea Baroni 2
BeeZerk 2
Grospixels 2
Rapture 2
Virgill 2
13. Amok 1
Andy Gilmour & LMan 1
Awesome-A 1
Dan Tootill 1
Dees 1
Dimitris 1
Doctorrus Petrixuss 1
Ferrara 1
Hank (Lukasz Drzewiecki) 1
K8-bit 1
Mongo Erectus 1
moog (Sebastian Bachliñski) 1
PeppaJP 1
Razmo 1
Reyn Ouwehand 1
Skyrunner 1
Sonic Wanderer 1
Sperling 1
Vincenzo 1
Xenox 1

Best c64 Remix

What was the c64 remix that impressed you most in 2015?

Rank Title Score
1. Never Die (Skitz lives forever) by Slaygon 16
2. Will You remember (Gone) by MRT 15
3. Last Ninja 2 Sewers (feat. NecroPolo & Westerling) by Slaygon 14
4. Eagles (Easy Flight mix) by MRT 11
5. Wizball (title music) by Grospixels 9
6. Comic Bakery (train beat mix) by Johan Andersson 8
Fist II - The Legend Continues by Dr Future 8
Monty On The Run (I've Heard This Song Before) by druu 8
7. Citadel (feat. NecroPolo) by Markus Schneider 7
Shape (ft NecroPolo) by Mordi 7
8. Bruce Lee (youtube vid) by LukHash 6
Bulldog (wild west mix) by Johan Andersson 6
Dark Side (Relax on Tricuspid) by Dr Future 6
9. Battle Ships (Russian Ed) by Mano 5
Cataball by Mano 5
Commando vs Rambo by Johan Andersson 5
In Your Bed by Mordi 5
Spy vs Spy by FZN 5
10. Battle Ships (goes west mix) by Johan Andersson 4
Beyond - Tears of my Heart (ft Lea) by Mordi 4
Commando (This is the end) by Mano 4
Enlightenment Druid II by Puffy64 4
Flight Path 737 (Riz Mix) by Monty 4
How Did We Get Stuck In (Arabian Bias) by DHS 4
MSI Demo (Barebone Fusion mix feat SID) by NecroPolo 4
Ocean Loader 4 by Johan Andersson 4
Rambo (in game theme) by Johan Andersson 4
11. Battleships by CZ Tunes 3
Bombo by Johan Andersson 3
Crazy Comets (Crayz Comeleon remix) by SIDrip Alliance 3
Cybernoid 2 by Johan Andersson 3
Legend of Kage (ninja in trance) by Sperling 3
Spy Vs Spy (Data Retention Remix) by Pepe Pinapple 3
Tai-Pan sub. 4 dubstep by MRT 3
12. Bombastic (dancing mix) by MRT 2
Compleeto by SIDrip Alliance 2
Dose of D by Mordi 2
Impossible Mission by SyTeQ 2
Katakis Theme (Core Upgrade) by Skyrunner 2
Last Ninja 2 - Central Park Loader (alt. rock) by timmya4000 2
Last Ninja 2 - Central Park Loader by Dan Tootill 2
Lightforce by V. Kaufmann 2
Rainy Days (Think Twice III) by PeppaJP 2
Remember The Ghosts (Cauldron 2 Subtune 09) by Pepe Pinapple 2
The Last Ninja 2 - Final by Poloskei, Gergely 2
Total Eclipse (Main Theme Remix) by Martin Dodd 2
Tusker - Desert track (tsr remix) by tsr 2
Tusker - Jungle track (tsr remix) by tsr 2
Voyages Through Space and Time by MRT 2
13. Alternative Fuel by Amok 1
Arctic Circles by MRT 1
Battle Ships (Dance on Ship mix) by MRT 1
Battle Valley by Mongo Erectus 1
Brutality by Infamous 1
Chimera by Anders Hesselbom 1
Commando Highscore by SIDrip Alliance 1
Crazy Comets UpMix by CoLD SToRAGE by CoLD SToRAGE 1
Cream of the Earth (vs. Romeo Knight) by CoLD SToRAGE 1
Cybernoid II (Mulperi Remix) by Mulperi 1
Funkyfreak by FZN 1
Hades Nebula (Enhanced Ingame SID) by Anders Hesselbom 1
International Karate (Renoise Chiptune Edit) by Hanz Meyzer 1
Intro-Tune (Heliocentric Introscope Zero) by DJ Czyszy 1
Katakis - Title Theme by Imbehiiri (PsyMi) 1
Last Ninja 2 - Central Park by Gungung! 1
Last Ninja 2 - Central Park ingame (tsr remix) by tsr 1
Last Ninja 2 - The Sewers loader (alt rock) by timmya4000 1
Last Ninja 2-the basement loader- alt rock by timmya4000 1
Lazy Jones by Infamous 1
Meanwhile the Planet (Fatten Sticazzi Edit) by DHS 1
Mission FRED (ft. Johan Andersson) - A C64 Medley by manganoid 1
Monty on the Run (High Score) by Phil Gregg 1
Ocean Loader 2 by Anders Hesselbom 1
Ocean Loader v2 - Upmix by CoLD SToRAGE 1
Out Run - Magical Sound Shower by Johan Andersson 1
Parallax Title (Little Jester remake) by Little Jester 1
Powerdrift by SIDrip Alliance 1
Rasputin by PeppaJP 1
Rick Dangerous (Rick's March) by Mano 1
Scalextric by Anders Hesselbom 1
Shinobi by Jozef Lahoud 1
Starforce Nova (DancemiX) by MRT 1
Storm Warrior sub. 2 by MRT 1
Suicide Express a la Hawkwind by Jimmo 1
The Human Race (The Human Machine Remix) by Martin Dodd 1
Trojan Warrior by MRT 1
Turrican - The Tower by Instant Remedy 1
Wooloop (Endless Wooloop by StrayBoom feat. DeeS) by Vincenzo 1

Best Amiga Remix

What Amiga remix did you like best in 2015?

Rank Title Score
1. Mega-Lo-Mania Orchestra Medley by daXX 9
Stardust Memories - daXX Remix by daXX 9
2. Gods (Into the Wonderful) by Mano 7
3. Out Run 1986 - Magical Sound Shower by Andrew Fly 6
4. Woody's World - Title by Instant Remedy 5
5. Sensible Soccer by daXX 4
Super Stardust - Special Mission 1 by Andrea Baroni 4
6. Cream of the Earth (vs. Romeo Knight) by CoLD SToRAGE 3
Physical Presence - Chiptune RMX by Virgill 3
Turrican - Techno Dungeon by Dr Future 3
7. Dune 2 (Ingame ambient mix) by Mike Z. 2
Lotus III - Miami Ice (daXX Remix) by daXX 2
Premiere - Fantasy by Rapture 2
Project-X - Thesmophoria (acoustic) by Andrea Baroni 2
Superfrog (Magic Woods Theme) by Johan Andersson 2
Test Drive II Remix by CZ Tunes 2
Turrican Medley (1-3 Main Theme) by Mano 2
8. Agony - Loading Sea (Trip Hop Mix) by TITAN 1
Bubba'N'Stix Part 2 Remix by daXX 1
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Linka by Rapture 1
Captain Planet Ma Ti by Allister Brimble 1
Condom Corruption (daXX minimalistic Remix) by daXX 1
Deluxe Galaga v2.4 by Patrulek 1
Flashback Holocube by Slaygon 1
Harlequin - TVee Wonderland (ingame tune 5) by Rapture 1
Iron Lord - DUBSTEP MIX by DerDiener 1
Kid Chaos - The Ruined City (Level 5-3) by Nerious 1
Lotus III by synchaoz 1
MegaLoMania title by Isacco Garcia Peveri 1
Outrun - Magical Soundshower (Hip Hop Piano mix) by DerDiener 1
Shadow of the Beast HD remake by TomWest 1
STATIX - Against Time by Andrea Milana 1
Super Twintris "Those 3" Tunes Up-Mix by CoLD SToRAGE 1
The Dark by TheRealParadigma 1
The Town With No Name (country mix) by Isacco Garcia Peveri 1
Virocop: Funny Old Game by Allister Brimble 1
Wing Commander - Intro by Mano 1
ROTY Trophy 2015

Remixer Of The Year Trophy

Disclaimer: The results are based on votes made by the community. Errors and omissions excepted.

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06/02/2016 21:42
congratulations to all the winners, and everyone that got a vote and even those that didnt because all your contributions keep the scene alive! so well done you lot and keep it up and hopefully I'll be assaulting some more ears in 2016..

06/02/2016 23:00
Huge congrats to everyone, you all rock!!

06/02/2016 23:02
Congrats to everyone, keep on being excellent! And lotsa thanks to all voters :)

06/02/2016 23:04
Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the votes! Let's make 2016 even more productive. =)

06/02/2016 23:28
Word, Mordi!

06/02/2016 23:35
Congrats to all the winners. Well deserved!

07/02/2016 00:12
Many grats to all the winners!

Thank you very much for all the votes for me, and as Mordi says - Let's make 2016 a year to remember!

Tomasz Inglot (MRT)
07/02/2016 11:56
This is amazing feeling to stand here with all great competitors. I always looked with 'dreamy eyes' on ROTY trophys since i was started in RKO ad 2004. Thanks for all votes, shouts and reviews. You are my positive feedback and bring me a lot of inspiration. Congrats for all other winners, You did tons of hard but great work, spend so much time to enjoy all of us. Thank You very much! I wish You to have a lots of fresh energy this year :D

07/02/2016 20:51
I agree with all the congratulations and already look forward to the next awards!

I've today mailed out all the trophies, and you winners should post a selfie with them in the forum thread at :)

Keep up being awesome!

07/02/2016 21:42
Many thanks to everyone that cast their vote for me. I truly appreciate it.

10/04/2016 09:16
Several of these games are worth some time and are actually keeaebadkgfd

11/04/2016 00:21
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12/04/2016 07:16
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12/04/2016 07:17
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13/04/2016 13:04
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14/04/2016 19:08
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17/04/2016 07:17
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18/04/2016 13:56
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18/04/2016 19:33
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24/04/2016 04:40
Good to find an expert who knows what he's takilng about!

noisefloor Bjoern
23/01/2017 12:42
Congrats to all winners! Still great to hear all those cool remixes. Let's go for more this year ;-)

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