CoLD SToRAGE - Super Twintris "Those 3" Tunes Up-Mix

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Interesting twist to bring all the three tunes into one.:)
The combination of these classic tracks into a medley works wonderfully, and the whole piece is fantastically energetic and just brimming with atmosphere. Top-notch work all round!
Great job! Tune for my bike ride collection!
Really interesting to listen too, Little toe tapper.
Review by Matt Smith


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In the early '90s, Super Twintris was one of the Amiga's most celebrated and popular public domain games. Multiple magazines praised it as the machine's finest Tetris clone by miles, it was regularly included on coverdisks and lists of PD must-haves, and every 'Miggy owner I knew had their own copy of it; in many ways, therefore, it's surprising that it's taken this long for someone to remix the charming and evocative trio of tunes that comprised the game's soundtrack. But by golly, it was worth the wait!

At once cheeringly nostalgic and splendidly original, this is a brilliant track that breathes sparkling new life into the original melodies. The distinctive atmosphere of each of the three tunes remains intact, but this ingenious medley arrangement creates a progression of mood that works to splendid effect. From the dramatic thrills of the opening sequence we progress into the mysterious exhilaration of the middle section, creating the feeling of embarking on some sort of epic, potentially hazardous futuristic adventure; then the final three minutes bring everything to an upliftingly triumphant conclusion, conjuring mental images of gorgeous sunrises and zooming jubilantly off into the stars, mission completed. In addition, the piece melds together a range of musical styles that fit the melodies perfectly, morphing seamlessly from 90s-style Jarre-esque techno into something wonderfully reminiscent of the 70s golden era of cosmic synth before finally jumping into the cheering charm of 80s electronica. It's joyful in its ever-evolving playfulness, and I'm vastly impressed with it.