Review articles

SYNTAX ERA - Remix64 Volume 3 reviewed

Andrew Fisher (Merman) once again listens carefully to bring you an independent review of the latest Remix64 album, Syntax Era.

Review: It's Binary, Baby!

The boy done good. And he likes bicycles!

Requiem for Music By Design: Remix64 Vol 2

A review of "Remix64 Volume 2: Into Eternity" by Andrew Fisher (Merman)

Review: Sidologie (Review by LaLa)

Another review of Sidologie by that purveyor of controversy and SIDEdit, Imre Olajos Jr., better known to us as "LaLa".

Review: Run/Stop Restore

LaLa considers the gold-award winning CD that is Press Play on Tape's second magnum opus. Or, for those of a less wordy disposition: "it's good innit?"

Preview of Remix64 v2: Into Eternity

Andrew Fisher continues his writings on Remix64 V2: Into Eternity by this time previewing the CD which gives an indication on how the CD has been tackled.

Review: 8-Bit Weapon

Seth Sternberger is known for his radical SID beatz and Sidstation use: especially live. Here he makes his long-awaited CD project available free of charge. Andrew Fisher consumed it, and reported back...

Output64 - reviewed by Waz

An alternative review from Warren Pilkington, a man well versed in indie music, and as ex-HVSC admin, well placed to pass a critical eye over this controversial release!

Review: 8-Bit Stylez

An unusual review this: a sample CD set containing nothing but pure SID samples. It's as extensive as the price is large, but is it worth it? Chris Abbott reveals all...