ziona - Artillery (Tyrell orchestral fusion - RKO edit)

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Artillery (Tyrell orchestral fusion - RKO edit)
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ziona Adept
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A little bit of piano, somewhat in orchestral style topped with a few favourite Tyrell synth sounds and a hint of beat 😊

As much as it sounds like a simple earworm, the original 3 channels are quite complex at the same time - was a great challenge to align all the notes accordingly, but I wanted to keep the original feel and almost the same arrangement as an end result =)


The remix participated in the online Tribute Remix Competition to Árok Party in 2020:



A full Extended version is available on my SoundCloud as well:



Big thanks to Peter Clarke's help for making it shine even more with his mastering!

ROTY 2020

3 Best c64 Remix

A very well produced tune and a worthy winner of Arok compo. Just love the intro!
It would be inappropriate for me to write a full review of this, having mastered it. It's still a great remix though; there's no getting away from that and a worthy winner of the AROK/SLAY competition. Well Done Erika!
Great Cover!<3
What a lovelly clean sound. Well mastered indeed.
Could listen to that intro on auto repeat. Clean and catchy remix, love it!
A little emotionally lifeless, but technically perfect.
Review by LaLa


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No wonder this won SLAY Radio's Árok Tribute Remix compo in 2020! An absolutely stunning piece done in a duet format where the synthy parts are answered by string-heavy sections and vice versa. That melody line is what really catches me out every time - it's full of emotional subtlety, so delicate, yet, so powerful. The instrument selection, the arrangement, the mixing - all as close to perfection as they can get. Top-notch production all around!