Wallstrom & Friends - The Last Hero

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Original composition:
Kim Tolstrup Christensen a.k.a. Future Freak

Remixed by:
Wallstrom & Friends

Péter Nagy-Miklós a.k.a. NecroPolo of SIDRIP Alliance (Guitar)

Thomas Egeskov Petersen a.k.a. Laxity of Maniacs of Noise (Keyboards)

Marc Girard a.k.a. The Zapper of Empire (Bass)

Magnus Söderman of metal group Nightrage (Guitar solo)

Me (Drums)

Romeo Knight

Holger Lagerfeldt

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Mikael Dunker a.k.a. Mikael of Pretzel Logic

This remix of The Last Hero started off with some air drumming whilst I was listening to the original SID at work (this happens all the time when a tune inspires me). I got the basic groove down and thought: I must get this tune remixed! I don't play other instruments that well and please don't ask me to mix and master your next album, but I'm fortunate to have talented friends who dedicated their time to make this remix to what it is. It was a pleasure working with everyone and for me, this cooperation is a true testament to how wonderful the C64 scene is and also the friendships that come along with it.

Thanks for listening!

This seriously rocks.
Just freakin awesome!
Excellent remix, guys!!!:)
Fantastic work, all of you. My only complaint is not having long enough hair for the mosh.
What a tune! Lovely!
Blistering track and I expected nothing less from this line up, deserved to be higher in the compo but people are ofc allowed their wrong opinions
This shreds! These guys know what they're doing! |m|
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What a great collaborative remix! Andreas on the drums goes crazy as usual. 😊 Necro is smoking hot on the guitar, Laxity kills it on the keyboards, Marc on the bass just kicks ass… Well done, everybody! Personally, I think it deserved to finish higher in the Remix 64 20th Anniversary Compo, but at least I can give it all the red smilies I want right here. 😊