Slaygon - Platoon (Inexperti belli)

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Platoon (Inexperti belli)
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Thanks to Marcel Donné for some environmental sounds in this! Also thanks to Lagerfeldt for some tips on EQ'ing the thing.


Hope you enjoy it.

ROTY 2014

1 Best c64 Remix

GREAT stuff indeed.
Just awesome!
Grungy, metallic, dirty. Just like war. I can just see the platoon marching through the muddy jungle. Very, very well done!
Lovely soundscape and a a very suitable rendition of the theme :)
Feels like I'm wading thru that damn old tunnel again, and every second an evil foe with a knife in his hand might surface and attack me. Well done!
Very nice soundscape! Not familiar with the original tune.
NiN anyone? Loving it!
Brilliant mix of this song, well done. Though I would have left out the vocal sample, personally.
Evil :)
Outstanding! Allthough using the signature samples this is totally a brainbuster! Making it to my top20 at once! Brilliant work dude.
This is amazing..!
Outstanding indeed! From the very first version to this piece of gold, it just keeps getting better! Chills well deserved.
Brillant. Sounds very dirty to start with and then has some glorious guitars.
Dark and Gritty... Ditto NiN.... Cool man
Absolutely epic!
Awesome guitars, very well produced with lots of atmosphere!
Killer track.
Outstanding it is..
Great one, the speech at the end was a bit sloppy and could have been better.
Very good atmosphere. Near to red.
Best platoon remix I've ever heard
Review by khisanth


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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LOVING this!!!!!! Industrial sounding awesomeness, that was superb in the preview and is even better now. Good work mate