SIDNIFY - Creepy Chaos (Creatures 2)

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The night is dark, the axe is sharp,

So Clyde’s gotta’ be fast like stone on scarp,

No hooting owl nor ghostly howl

Can stop him now but that weird, cave dwelling, burping-croaking, metronomically slime-spitting toad in the bottom left corner is genuinely huge!


This is our remix of the spookiest tune from Creatures 2.


Are you ready to survive this Creepy Chaos?

It's no accident that this tune ended up in the top 10 at the Remix64 20th Anniversary compo. It's energetic hard electro-rock, with SIDNIFY's signature style, all mixed to perfection.
A really nice punchy and energetic mix, and keeps the feel of the original suspense of the Creatures 2 level intact - nice little subtle nods to the original SID too which really helps.
What impeccable groove and weight with creativity and and unique style!
The sound is too dense and loud, and I cannot recognize any clear style. Electronic? Rock? Horror movie soundtrack? Nice drums, though!
Just stunning... Love the mix of guitar and original sid. Hugely entertaining remix and a highlight from the recent compo. Brilliant!
One if my favourites from the compo, Steve Rowlands has deserved a red remix for a long time and it's finally here...
One of my favourite C2 sub tunes get an appropriate remix!
Rowlands' music has been sadly overlooked by the Remix community, but this is a well designed remix that is both nostalgic and well executed.

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