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Guitar Slinger Plus
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Jogeir's original, Amiga version of this track has been one of those benchmark tracks that you don't really attempt, unless you're serious. I really liked the original when I first heard it and it's only grown on me more, over time. So, here you are… A remix where I intended to smooth out the lumps in the original's 4-channel limitation and add my own signature to it, whilst remaining considerate of the original.

The soundscape is a mixture of both sample-packs & my 'Line 6 Variax' guitar. Variax is a 6-string, electric, 'modelling' guitar that can mimic a really wide range of other classic guitars, (even 12-string electric & acoustic guitars). As an example ,the guitar-picking, arpeggio in the 2nd part of this piece is a mix of 'Stratocaster' & 'Rickenbacker 12-string'.

Keeping the faith of the original while still enhancing it gracefully! There are some twists that probably could've been explored further, but overall it's beautifully done!
Yep, it's fantastic. I have to admit that to me Jogeirs original (from the CD) has more feelings, but technically Peter nailed it again.
That's prog rock at it's finest! Shit! .. That's good! Shit shit shit that's good. I'd pay good money for an album like this. SERIOUSLY!
Okay, you went to a guitar shop with a microphone & multitrack, took each guitar off the wall and recorded this. It could be true. Really creative additions but true to the original. Outstanding!
A sure to be future classic remix of a stunning original.
This is very cool. Its a great new remix that doesn't lose the original.
I am deeply impressed by this remix! Hats off, Mr. Clarke!
One of my all time favorites and you've done a great job re-creating and expanding it! The mix is a bit muddy in places, which docks my enjoyment a tad. Mixing is also a bit harsch in places on the distortion, otherwise: stellar work, mate!
It's a bit all over the place tonally and mixing wise.. Still prefer the original. Solid effort.
Sounds Amazing, you've taken the original and given it an extra big umff, big fan
Guitar Slinger the symphonic version. Love the guitar work! Real guitars so much better ;-) If we could somehow mash your and my version together we could have the ultimate Guitar Slinger remix. I tip my hat to the craftsmanship that has gone into this
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A wonderful acoustic-style remix of a classic tune. There are some sections of it that lean towards country/bluegrass style (e. g. @ 2:04) - I wish that style was explored further. But it sounds amazing as is, no complaints whatsoever! =) And the second, downtempo part of the piece is just be-a-utiful!