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Armandox is a Dutch musician and producer who goes by the name of Armand Segers. He was born in Amsterdam in 1974 and grew up in Belgium and the Netherlands. Armand’s love for music started at an early age when he was exposed to disco music at his family’s dancing/discotheque. He began playing drums at the age of three and organ at the age of five. Throughout his career, he has played drums and keyboards for various bands and obtained all the certificates for playing drums at the local music school. Armand learned solfege and how to read and write music notation/scores while studying drums.

Armand’s interest in keyboards and computers grew when he obtained a Roland Juno-106 synthesizer and a Yamaha PSR600 keyboard. He started creating music with programs like Rock Monitor 3, Fasttracker, and Protracker on the Commodore 64, Amiga, and PC. Jean-Michel Jarre’s album Equinoxe inspired Armand to play synthesizers extensively. He feels that synthesizers can express emotions and feelings better than words:

These instruments can say anything and speak for you, whenever words fall short or fail. In all it’s a very emotional, personal and intimate process to compose and make music. After all you’re giving, through the creative process of composing, producing, mixing, etc. people a glimpse into the depths of your soul.

Armand has been influenced by musicians like Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Isao Tomita, Kraftwerk, Kitaro, Synergy (Larry Fast), Jan Hammer, Klaus Schulze, Harold Faltermeyer, and Giorgio Moroder. He also enjoys contemporary music and heavy metal from bands like Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Frank Zappa, Iron Maiden, Nightwish and has a special love for country rock, southern rock, blues rock and psytrance.

In addition to playing with cover bands Mixed Up and Van Gogh for several years, Armand studied keyboards at the Rockacademie in Tilburg in 2005. He founded country rock band The Lowlanders in 2009 which made it to 2nd place overall at the Dommelsch Clash of the Coverbands. Armand has also worked on his own projects as a remixer, producer and sound engineer for various songs in different styles and genres. In 2019 he started his own music production company ASE Music where he does a lot of music production and mixing as a front of house (FoH) engineer as well as in the studio. Armand uses PreSonus gear and Studio One DAW.

Armand is not only a musician but also an entertainer who likes to connect with the crowd on stage. His motto is to keep making good music and spread love.


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