Mordi - Time's Up (Unusual Suspects mix feat. Vir)

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R64 20th Anniversary Compo

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100% hell yeah!
Reminds me somehow of Mika Arisaka's "Dis" song (Infinity Ryvius / Mugen No Ryvius anime)
The SID was one already of my all time fav SID's and this Remix gave me a big smile for a solid week! Such a beautifully mixed track and the vocals are great too. Fantasmic work Mordi & VIR!
Awesome, I feel very honoured. Thank you so much!
The singing is not 100% accurate here and there, but aside from that, it's PERFECT!
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Wow and holy s**t and whoa!!! People, we need a new smilie: a red smilie is just not good enough any more to express how excellent this is! We need a flaming red smilie for this one! The compo version you submitted to the Remix64 20th Anniversary Compo was already good enough for 3rd place there, and that had only a Mordified synth lead. Here with the sweet, sweet vocal you just elevated this remix to a whole new level. Sounds like those singing lessons Lea gave you have paid off - your voice has improved a LOT, Mordi! 😉

I don't know who came up with the pop song lyrics (you, Mordi, or Vir, the singer), but it's absolutely fitting. And you did a fantastic job dressing up the solo vocal with harmonies and effects. I just can't say enough good things about this remix! Superb!

I think from now on when people chuckle at me that I am totally into remixes of nerdy Commodore-64 SID tunes, I will just show them this song and I'll enjoy watching their jaws drop. Suck it, non-nerds!