Jogeir Liljedahl & Rapture - Running on Empty

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Rapture brought a mission before me; Stinsen wanted us to do a remix of his Running on Empty, and we were told to do whatever we wanted. Such a nice guy!😉


The C64 sounds you hear in this remix are from the amazing inSIDious VST plugin made by Mike Clarke.Check it out here;


Massive thanks to Danko for the mastering.


Beautiful! Lovely touches of IK as well... Clever touch to change the homage a bit since the original referenced an Amiga tune.;)
Wonderfully crafted, amazing choice of instruments and superbly fitting SID chords. Not to mention IK breezes. It all fit together so well, red alert.
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A reminder how much I miss remixes like this, great work. Clean uncluttered production, just great arrangement and lots of nice sid style sounds.
Nice one, this is great.:)
Good melody
Very pleasant easy listening.
Perfect production!
So lovely
Yeah, I mean.... What do you expect. It was always going to be great. Smooth, crystal clear... Just lovely work.
Oh so beautiful!
The beginning reminds me of Hans Zimmer's Chappie soundtrack. Awesome work! Nice leads! Nice allusion to International Karate! And am I hearing samples from the Bruce Lee game in there?
Love this! Brings a tear to my eyes....... Beautiful.
Technically a great remix imo. Lacking a bit of variety giving the lenght.
Well what I can I say. I love what you did here, in my ears it sounded so lined up for Jogeir remix, but that IK+ touch just completed it.<3
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