Glyn R Brown - Camel Riders Inc

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Camel Riders Inc
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Another track I found lying around in my unfinished C64 folder 😊

I never really had any intentions to finish this track as I had no idea as to what direction to take it.

I'm still not sure if i chose the right approach in the end, ha!

Ah well, all just for fun aye!! 😊

After messing around with the new update for reFX Nexus to 4.5, I decided to replace each track with nothing but the sounds within Nexus, excepet the vocals of cause.

So I guess it should be called Camel Riders Inc - reFx Nexus version 😊

Sorry for the crappy ending, I'd kind of had enough of it by this point! haha.


Made me dance on the dunes of my mind, brilliant!!!
Wow!!! Just WOW! Love it!
Bursting full of ideas, rhythmic changes and impeccable clean percussion. Despite what you say, I thought the end neatly wraps things up.
Great stuff!
Actually love the style, a fusion of the east, with some great sounding vocal touches... Perfect pitch bends in all the right places and a subtle distorted modern bass. Yeah but the ending is duff ;) hehe
I think Johannes would have loved to hear this take on his SID. It twists, it turns and it goes places! Jazz on! You could have tacked on arped strings or something at the end horn though.:)
Simply amazing!
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Leave it to Mr. Brown to pluck out an obscure Bjerregaard tune and turn it into remix gold. If this is what's laying around in your unfinished folder, I wonder what other treasures it might hide?!?…

The Arabian feeling is totally there, the vocals, the strings - exceptionally well done.

One gripe I have with this: I think it could've used some additional mastering, as the overall volume is pretty low. A simple compressor on the master track could've solved much of this problem (Maximus to the rescue…), but I think it could've used some boost in the low-end, too.