Dr Future - Gem'X (Mantronix Edit)

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Romeo Knight - you are a genius!
Thanks a lot for your great effort!

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Starts of a bit wtf? But awesome guitaring makes for a highly pleasing mix.
I think the start is a nod to Chris's original remix of this tune. Great little remix here.
Cut out all the (c)rap parts and just focus on that great Romeo Knight lead guitar and it'd be a lot better.
Overall it's a great track. The rapping, unfortunately, detracts from it. The instrumental version would be great :D
As others have said nice guitar, but I don't like the rapping either.. I hate most vocals in sid remixes, usually ends up spoiling things like here.
Music is great. For me, rapping doesn't fit at all.
As always great production from Doc Future... But I have to agree that the rap is kinda distracting from the very nice background.
A pity a good tune is ruined by the same old (c)rap.
Nice guitar and idea but a SID-Chip isn't supposed to rap, that sadly scratched this tune a lot.
I totally disagree with everybody else: the rap is what makes this tune really spicy! Have you guys actually LISTENED to the lyrics? The guitar lead is just awesome. It all puts a big smile on my face - what a great production!
Starts like a beastie boys track - and Dumper I think you need to realise this is a sned up yet the Guitar lead is amazing and the overall mix is pro level - Dr Future you have hit the button - to MAX
The guitars are redeeming this tune. The rap brings it down to average, though. Especially the lyrics that I find uninspiring and childish. That and the accent of the vocalist which is too heavy. Sorry. An instrumental would be great, though.
What can I say its typical future sound and its totaly great :)
Really nice. Would be nicer with some better drums, though! Otherwise I see no problems here, except for maybe the weird start.
Was ein Geiler Remix. Danke für die Arbeit an diesem Remix. Einer der besten Gem'x Remixe bisher.
I'm not a big fan of rap, but actually I really enjoyed this mix.
This is great. Usually I don't like rap, but this here is not just rap, but also nice melody, guitar. So I give an orange one.
This track is thick! I like the rap and talking, it makes it sound more 80s like and adds to the nostalgia. Its nice that there is an instrumental version too though.
Great guitars, and nice remix :)
Ok. So the rapping isn't so hot, but the rest of it is golden. This gets orange, the instrumental gets red :)
80s German style pop-"rap". Double retro this way :-)
Good guitar play!
Brings a big smile o' pleasure on my face, very nice and funny remix!
Mantronix-like version, haha ace, but yep I also like the instrumental version better :) Great guitars btw!
Awesome. Absolutely awesome. No more words needed. Great Job, Dr Future
The lyrics are so silly that they are good again. Well done! Added to my collection.
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Well, I think I heared that one first on a burned CD in my car. When I heared it, my chin falls down and I made my stupiest face I'm able to. Wow, absolutely awesome. One of my absolutely favourites. As mentioned already in my Shout: Great Job, Dr Future. This one is better than the instrumental version.