deVilhoOD - Human Race (Tune 4) Alternative Rock Mix

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Human Race (Tune 4) Alternative Rock Mix
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deVilhoOD Remixer
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My first C64 remix.
The idea for this track was to stay true to the original. I tried to imagine how it would sound outside the SID environment and this is what I came up with.
It has a lot of contrasting sections that blend together before erupting into a more rock'ish middle section. I couldn't resist rocking it up!
I don't think a dumbed down version would pay homage in the same respect, as the whole tune would sound quite meandering.
I understand that this specific sub-song from Human Race has been remixed quite often, but please have an open mind when listening to this, I put a lot of love and care into recording it and would appreciate it if the Oh not another Human Race sub-song 4 remix comments were kept to a minimum hehe, be easy on me 😉
Hope you all enjoy the track and any future remixes I release!
Incidentally, feel free to check out my own original material on my site if you're up for something a little bit different.
Lots of C64 love to everyone,


    • The entire tune was recorded and produced using Cubase SX 2
    • Guitars were recorded with my Fender Venus Vista Series electric
    • Drums were played via MIDI using Native Instruments Battery
    • QuadraSID was used for the original bassline and also to mimic the guitar melody

Arrangers Notes: 29/05/2005 @ 04:44 PM
A remastered mix has been finally uploaded! The original mix was done late in the morning and the drums were far too loud.
I also have a 5.1 surround sound mix, but I will only send this on request.

Dont agree with Tas on the hectic part bit, great mix and some nifty guitar work
Could do with some fine tuning on the mixing, but part from that VERY enjoyable!
The hectic part has spoilt a rather good remix imho
There's plenty to recommend this one. Lots of well placed guitars, and a sensible improvisation on what's quite a short tune.
Not my cup of tea but nicely executed..
Great remix!
Another human race sub4 remix, nothing really special in my opinion.... It doesn't work for myself... IMO...
The mix it's ok, also guitars
Like Tas I'm slightly put off by the hectic part as it doesn't really fit in. Otherwise it's quite enjoyable.
Bloody amazing, make some more :@
One of my favourite remixes, I like the original SID and this remix is really professional work.
Very nice
He doesn't make it look easy on the guitar, even though he doesn't play any difficult parts. The rest is quite boring.
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Yes, Human Race remixes are a dime a dozen, but this one stands out with its near-perfect mix, well thought-out production and carefully selected instrumentation. At first I was somewhat weary of the part where it digresses from the original a little (between 1:43 and 2:19), but now I think Pawel did a great job of applying his own touch to the tune. The pulsating bassline really rocks on my subwoofer. Verrrry good!