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Daree Rock - The Last Ninja - The Wastelands

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I was going to give this average until I heard several wrong notes, and that swung it for me. It sounds very flat and uninspired, and been done too many times before.
It's ok, but done a zillion times before. You simply need to be more original if you want to do a LN remix today.
It's ok... But some of the synth sounds are too overwhelming and way too nondynamic. Change the synth sound, and do some dynamic playing... Drums are nice and punchy in an 80's fashion.
Dry drums, so-so arrangement, poor instrument choices. Nothing inspiring here, it's a lifeless synth exercise.
Being original doesnt always get you plaudits (trust me I KNOW) I like the drumwork and its 1:1ness shouldn't bother the fanboy's too much its what they like isnt it? :p
Hmm, I like this one. Somehow it reminds me of oktalizer on the amiga, probably the selected sounds (or you used renoise). Old-skool sound.
Ben's best tune - and its done well here - but has been before - but its a great start - perhaps a bit over synth'd but I like it - nice one
Remixed very often already but always nice to hear again! Nothing really special but nice to listen to! Well done!
Some very nice instruments in there giving it some atmosphere, but the drums are too narrow and the whole atmosphere that the song creates needs a bit more from the percussion. Also some odd choices in instruments that seem to have too much release.

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