Remembered & Remastered Volume 1: Ben Daglish

Published: 08/06/20

Picture courtesy of  Andreas Wallström

Picture courtesy of Andreas Wallström

It was in 2018 when the C64 world was shook by the sad and untimely passing away of one of Commodore 64's great heroes, Ben Daglish aged at just 52. Ben's works included Trap, Deflektor, Cobra, Bombo, Ark Pandora and The Last Ninja to name just a few. In this article we look back at Ben's work through the eyes of the remixer and celebrate what he and his music meant to us all.


This article not only remembers Ben's work and showcases Remixers talent's but it's also designed to remember older remixes many may have missed. The catalogue at RKO is now so big it's easy to miss many remixes especially those from many moons ago.

First we take a look at Alligata's Trap and more importantly the hidden demo which has since been given the name Gladiator Demo. The demo was created to advertise Compunet and the music is credited to WEMUSIC. WEMUSIC was a short lived collaboration of Ratt (Tony Crowther) and Ben Daglish. It was a flash in the pan project and musically Ben was mostly the man behind the name.


Ben Stated that Trap was his first full length composition. The track lasts nearly 9 1/2 minutes. Naturally a daunting task for any remixer to take on but a few have. Karl R Pettersen back in 2001 gave at a good run for it's money especially when you consider the remix is 19 years old.

Ocean's Cobra is another 19 year old remix and only one of two remixes Axel Melzener remixed. Focusing on a typical Ennio Morricone spaghetti western style Axel surprisingly pulled it off. Again it's aged fairly well although more recent ventures into this genre have surpassed it.

SIDrip Alliance remixed Gremlin's Krakout in 2012. A live recorded version with real instruments featuring the talents of Chad (Drums), Werdy (Keyboards), Hermit (Bass), Küki and NecroPolo (Guitars). Ben joined remix64 soley based on this remix and left a review. He was thrilled.

Following on from his 2001 remix of Blasteroids 2002 saw Glyn R Brown re-blasting it. This is Glyn's Pop/Dance phase before he ventured off into Symphonic remixing. Glyn somehow remixed a 33 second SID into a glorious dance remix that lasts 4:12. One of the few remixers than can add his own stamp to a remix without the listener noticing. Very Clever.

Rune Bertils was very active making remixes for 5 years before rebranding as Uncle and the Bacon. This Jazz/Swing remix of Ark Pandora by rino shows how to take something and turn it on it's head whilst still sounding familiar. It was made in 2009 and was Rune's second remix.

Another SID credited to WEMUSIC is the Bomb Jack Clone Bombo by Rino. After an amusing intro Romeo Knight delivers a clean guitar laiden remix. Released in 2004 it's hard to believe this is 16 years old. Just like the nuts intro the outro is just as nuts!

What would a trubute be without Last Ninja from System 3. This is the oldest remix featured in this article and it is dated way back to the year 2000. This SID filled dance classic by Instant Remedy was a big hitter when it was released.

Fancy a Guinness? Well, Makke certainly did back in 2005 with this superb Sing-a-long irish folk remix of Artura from Arcadia Systems. This is probably still to this day one of the most original takes on a sid.

We'll finish off the article with a remix that is a fitting tribute to the legacy of Ben Daglish and the remixes of his music. There's nothing more poignant than Lala's remix of Hades Nebula by Nexus Information systems. Just under a month of Ben's passing Lala created this heartfelt remix. You can feel the genuine sorrow in the remix and when the audio samples from Ben start it's hard not to shed a tear.

Ben Daglish

Thanks for the Joy you gave everyone. Sleep well Ben - Rip!


Ben Daglish: 1966 - 2018


/Neil Carr (Tas)


08/06/2020 13:30
Great article, great choices, I am sure Ben would have chosen these too ♥

Chris Abbott
08/06/2020 15:54
A much missed human.

Quickie: Rune Bertils rebranded as Uncle and the Bacon.

08/06/2020 17:00
One of the greatest and finest guy who plays his tunes on Stage....

You are Immortal in the C64 Hearts

08/06/2020 17:18
Thanks for the nod Chris - Edited it to ensure it's relevant.

Martin Pilny
08/06/2020 17:25
Oh damn, we are getting old (turning 50 next year) but what a trip down memory line. It feels like a few months ago when I listened to these SIDs on my C64 connected to my Stereo. Ben won't be forgotten, thru his music he lives on!

08/06/2020 19:20
I've not heard the Bomba remix before, possibly my favourite from Ben. So great to hear. It has brought a tear to my eye.

09/06/2020 21:43
Plenty of selections of some classic remixes of classic Ben tunes of course. Needless to say Ben is sadly missed, but it's always heartwarming to not only hear the original tunes, but also when a remix gives it some new space to flow and breathe. And where would we be without Reyn's version of Deflektor and everyone going "dayo dayo" when performed live?

10/06/2020 22:25
There are so many fond memories with BENN and the ever lasting impression for me is that Ben was super enthusiastic about where the whole scene was going. Much place in his heart for all the old stuff but much more for the things to come, that be in remixes, live music, new stuff, you name it. He and I had a long talk at BIT Brighton 2015 about doing a concert i Denmark but that didn't happen. PPOT released Ark Pandora back in 2002 - did you know that? Here's to the Queen of SID:

11/06/2020 23:08
Thanks! More!

13/06/2020 21:14
Bens C64 work just blew me away as a 15 year old kid, starting with the WEMUSIC demos and the rest is history. A true SID giant.

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