X-formZ - To be on top

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Deserves a red for being exactly what Chris Huelsbeck meant it to be. Kudos, there.
YES! X-formZ are back, and this is a lovely imagining of the original SID. Great work.
Great version have to stomp my feet :D
With X-Formz you know you're gonna get something guitary and he doesn't disappoint here!
A little thinner than it should be. But that's my only major rant. I think it's much better than the most recent Arctic Circle stuff.
Great Sound!
Fantastic stuff.
Just awesome. Thanks!
Nice work.
Nice version! Not as good as huelsbeck's remake from a while ago, but decent enough.
Great rock guitar version, this is pretty much how I imagined the original SID.
Sounds 100% professional!
Outstanding in all areas, professional all round.
Skillful guitar playing! Absolutely on top!
Nice mix of things going on, definately a keeper!
HELL YEAH! This one rocks big time!:))
THANK YOU sooooo much X-formZ!!! FINALLY I got a REALLY GREAT remix-version of this so beloved SID! This is SO cool! :-D There are SO many more COOL - yet un-remixed - SIDs out there, so I really hope to hear even MORE of such high-class versions here!
Really nice work!
Brillant! Reminiscent of the early C64 remixes
Very close to a red smily face. I really got into this one (the original is one of my favorite SIDs) and how tight the arrangement was. Only major flaw was that it was a little too layered in places.
Rock me!
Mr Foggy's guitar sound is improving with each remix. Love that! Nice choice of synth sounds too. Reminds me a little of Chris' remix from his Top be on Top CD.
Melodic variation could be improved (often, it's just half-tone hopping)
This is brilliant! My favorite version of this great SID.
Outstanding rock-mix of "To be on to". Great!!!
This is awesome!

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