Triplefox - To Be on Top (expansive synth)

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Triplefox Remixer
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Has a few interesting aspects, but there is no bass track whatsoever, and it's kind of missing a main thread.
Where's the bass? And where in fact is the feeling? It's pretty well put together, but those two things are lacking and as such it just doesn't do anything for me.
Interesting glimpse into the much better track this could have been.
This falters everywhere but I didnt think it was that bad, I kinda enjoyed it, was like the SID playing a MOD file
Where's the bass? What's with the clipping drums? Over all, it feels like several channels are missing. And some aspects of the mixing is potentially hazardous to ones hearing. Pretty interesting arrangement though.
What is there is very good but it does feel like it's only half there.
Way to thin and hurts my ears with all the high frequencies - needs a lot of mastering
Ouch... Something broke.
Im sorry, this just doesnt do it for me at all, its too wobbly theres no bass at all the drums are being played next door.. But keep trying, music is a learning experience.
Ok, this isn't a top remix, but it has some really interesting ideas
I prefer the original one. It's better. This one has too much "noise".
Some bits work, others don't. But keep at it.
Some nice ideas, but the drums do really suck.
Sorry, but some parts are really not pleasent to listen. Check noise & drums and crash... Improve it.
Good in places but a bit of mess.
Duuuudes! PLEASE! IF you finally choose _different_ SIDs for your remixes here instead of the 'well-known' ones... WHY don't you put at least the same energy/quality in it to make it a _winner_ as well? ;-) So please TRY IT AGAIN! :-D "TboT" is
A little too minimal for my taste. The drums remind me of the original - which is not good. The improvisation part starting at 2:05 is really OUCH, without that this tune would at least be Average! But not like this.
Some interesting ideas (like that drum-solo in the middle), but the arrangement is a mess, in fact, it's rather painful at times. I couldn't wait for it to end.
Ouch! My ears.
Can't hear much from the original here....:-/
Heh. The only thing keeping the score up on this is the out-of-place drum break by Animal. Had no idea the Muppets did remixes!=)
Sweet but way to short

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