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Tn-1 - R-Type Title (Re-make)

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Well, I'm not an accomplished musician, I'm self taught, very amature and trying my damn hardest!
As I loved the C64 as a child, I thought it would be good to see if i could create a tune that I fondly remembered, so I chose this 1. Some people might not like it, but I tried my best as I did it by ear ( I listened to the sid over and over and over). For me, it was a learning experience, to try a few things, I couldn't get some things right (simply because I dont have the knowhow)... So I thought i'd share the tune.
The direction is the right one, more work on the production quality and the details is needed though. The sudden switch to 90s style at 1:40 does not work IMO.
What sounded initially promising ends in disappointment. The opening sounds fine but as the tune goes on it lets itself down somewhat. The idea's there, just needs better execution.
Sounds old-skkkkoooooll. Sorry, my keyboard stuck.
Sounds so week everywhere around the tune and away from it
The arrangement could need a few additions here and there, as it sounds a bit thin as is. But it's good enough to get a... Well, good vote from me.;)
Competent, not going to set the world on fire but then its not going to offend a bus full of nun's either.. Good enough :)
It could be better, start is good, but then... Anyway, it's good.
Unz unz.. Works for me :) I love the original melody
It's quite ok, but sometimes thin and liveless.
OK, but nothing special need something more in the beggining to catcvh me
It's a nice chiptune, but I don't think the style quite fits this tune. I miss the "resolution", maybe because there's too much repetition. Nice effort, good oldsk00l feeling, but needs more thought.
Agree to others here: The idea is/was here... Just the execution lets it down to an 'average' rating for me here! Otherwise could have been a 'good' or even an orange one with more effort!:-)
Heard it before though. A bit too synthish imho.
The lead instuments have no real depth, and its very uncompressed apart from that wicked ass bass!
The bass is truly delicious. Tune itself is a bit sterile, but I find it captures the playfulness of the original a lot better than most other R-Type remixes.
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An R-Type remix is always welcome, bit this one is kinda bland and a bit uneven. Don't get me wrong, it does have some cool moments but I think you need to re-do the whole track and make the good parts stronger and erase the rest.