Tim Forsyth - Thanatos (when the panic sets in)

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This track is about the past 12 months that we've all been forced to try and struggle through.


A few weeks ago, I started experimenting with ambient sounds, recording everyday things, twisting and distorting them to make interesting textures.


One thing led to another and much to the amusement of my wife, I was recording myself walking and running up and down the garden, slamming doors, taping the washing machine spin cycle and lots of other crazy things that ended up being scrapped.


As it turned out, Thanatos chose itsself for this track.. while noodling on the Piano to some of the sounds I had made, I accidentally found Rob's music. It reminded me that I always wanted to do a slow piano version of this but never found the right mood until now. Incidentally, I only discovered recently that this was a cover of Julian Breeze's Spectrum version.


I hope I've found some of the sadness, beauty and emotion in the original track.



Beautifully done! Very touching.
Nice remix the ambient sounds lift the track to another emotional level. The only niggle I have is that the playing could have been a bit tighter in places.
This is that well played/arranged, I almost forgot myself...
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Perfect soundtrack to the sad movie of the Covid-19 pandemic. The lo-fi piano, the subtle strings, the long intro with the twisted ambient samples... This is a piece that was definitely created by the heart, not by the mind.