The SIE - MonsterslamWizMix (DDFriday Fistamix)

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The SIE Adept
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Thats sooooo cool....8-)
Maybe make a duet with some Peruvian flute bands? :P Lots of unusual styles lately on RKO... I like that.
Didn't you mean "Fiestamix"? :o
Lovely stuff :) I like the part from 1:03 till 1:48 the most. The two flutes near the end doesn´t sound right... But cool stuff & a great debut! Hope more will follow. Thanks for this unusual remix.
Oh c'mon dodn't even try to say you don't like this cute melody. Well.. I really like it! Nice choise of intruments as well
Nice cheerful tune! Stands out!
Always good to have (yet) another Wizball version! Although this one doesn't really convince me. Too Nintendo-style'ish for my taste!
Like the Galway adoption very much
Haha.. Yeah, great.. Fucking cool...!!!
Great one :)
Hehe, sound reminds me of Monkey Island. Please make more!
I have to.. Eh.. This... Ok. It's The SIE.:)
Overrated to the max!
I thought this tune couldnt get better. Great job but a bit short unfortunately.
Light and easy-going fiesta atmosphere! Put on your party hat and do the conga line!
I rate upon the emotion I get from the music - the quality is second in line. This composition takes me to an island where I sip drinks at the beach. The quality is fantastic – nice and calm. Not my style but a brilliant composition (flute session, wow)..
I like it!
Very nice!
Great fun - James Last does Wizball!
Awesome remix :)

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