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Stello Doussis - Monty's last Run

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This theme always put a smile on my face as a 12-year-old. 30-something years later, I started experimenting with some VST horns sample library in 2015, and the melody popped back in my head. I found myself replaying it out of sheer fun. I reimagined the song as some existing, cheesy 70s recording but never continued working on it until recently and thought to myself, I have to finish it finally. While the song is an endless repetitive loop, I didn't want to stay in the same theme (not to make you fall asleep entirely) and gave it a bit of a twist with some post-rock-ish change towards the end. Overlay the original PAL SID; it matches scale and tempo (93.95 BPM). I hope you like😉

Great remix!
Stello, you don't release much but it's always a very memorable and outstanding tune in regards of quality and musical sense. I take a bow!
I really like how it starts out as some 1960s-70s style slow piece, then it transitions to latter-day rock. That horn/trumpet lead is quality stuff. Very nicely done!
Very original and fun remake of this well-known tune!
What LaLa said. I'm stunned
Got a soft spot for those melancholic melodies.

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