Rune-Bertil's - Delta

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Just when I thought the Rune-Bertils couldn't get any better, this arrives. Pure swing bliss.
Great fun!
Excellence again from the jazz master delta as never before
Wonderful heh... Bring on Crazy Comets, I'd like to see a version of that done! :p
Rune-Bertil's brings what I think Mahoney brought to the scene - Freshness. Although this track is a bit muddy, taking the edge of it slightly, it is still very enjoyable. I will most certainly give it more than a few listens!
Arg no sorry. (Muppet Remix)
Swinging when you are winning. A good new colour to Delta. Well done.
Love this fresheness in remixes thought it sounds like I'm at the circus and watching the horses and whatnot running round and round :P
Yeah, the mix is muddy. But the arrangement is so lively, it has so much swing, I could dance to it! (If I could swing...)
This is the second release from Rune-Bertil's in a short timespan which truely excels its competition! Your jazzy themed remixes are outstanding, and your take on Delta is no exception! Great work, guys!
F**k. Pure awesomeness... Brillant!
Ahhh!! This is great!!:)
Just when I couldnt take another Delta remix, Rune Bertil's brings something new - excellent!
A very original approach to a much covered tune, and a fantastic sound to boot!
C'mon... Swing! Sweet!
Awesome swinging remix! Absolutely great interpretation and quality. Thumbs up for this music!
Yes, outstanding for the balls alone. Although the winds sound fake, arrangement and execution is still very, very good.
Absolutely great! Delta in a swinging jazz club!
Good, authentic interpretation (if Delta would ever be played in a Jazz-Bar XD)
Haha Awesome! Good Work
Very nice
Brilliant orchestration but too much plastic in the sounds somehow. R-Type had a bigger impact on me. A whole SID remix album with your superb style/orchestration and a real jazz band would be awesome, if I might suggest something ;)
Can not say anything else than WOW =D
Technically brilliant, probably, but the thing is, I'm not into that big-band swing thing.
Your tunes are very similar, but amazingly sweet!
Awesome! Its so funny to hear this played swing style because the melody for Delta is taken from Philip Glass' music to the film Koyaanisqatsi. I'm glad you didn't fade out on this one.
Hated it!
Without doubt, Rune-Bertils can write swing but the emotion conveyed in PG's original piece was lost even in Rob Hubbard's cover of it. This just destroys it!
You could argue that their swing vibe is a bit samey, but they apply their style to this Delta remix magnificently.
It's alright.

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