Pino Zulpo - Plastic Pop

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I love the variations on a theme! I also like the variety in the drum loops. Keep up the good work!
Sorry, but it sounds like an amiga module to me...
I have to agree with Amok here. Are the drums sampled in mono?
Quite retro but I like it.
Good transitions and the beat is very catch! But the sound is a bit "flat" or "mono" sounding... Different instruments and better mastering could have made this remix outstanding!
Nice arrangement, weaknesses at production.
Sounds very retro, which is not bad, but rather average. Can't compete with Anthony Norris' remix.
Sounds like an old mono MOD. Some nice ideas in there but having heard Danko's own cover version this just doesn't measure up to it.
Lacks sound quality. I could work on my EQ settings all day and would not be able to make it sound good. A simple fade-out of the tune is also not very nice. The idea is there, but it really sounds like plastic poop.
Ok version of the tune. One of the better. Not too midi'ish, even though the drums could have been done a bit better.
Too weak production, and I think I spot a few wrong notes.
Amazing! I'm a fan of italodance. You got the spirit, this is far better than the original!

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