Peacemaker - Fawn of Creation

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ROTY 2013

3 Best c64 Remix

Nice track.
Really nice to hear a synthy Jarre'ish tune in here... Top red smiley for this. Only thing I can put my finger on is the imense wall of sound.. It's very thick sonically on the verge of becoming muddy in tone, but it's just at little...
Jarre in 2013 <3
Great, awesome! Wall Of Sound like Razmo said before!
Never expected Kitaro to join RKO. Welcome, dude! :D
Nice work.
Not a SID familiar with, but the remix sounds great :)
That SID is a heavy piece of cake, man! Execution is flawless, the remix gone several steps beyond the original (already great) atmosphere. I like it soundwise, too.
This is so retro! Great job! Added to my collection.
Impressive work there mate! You really managed to capture the "OMP" sound and made it sounds like JMJ! :) Right on there!
Really Outstanding!
Nicely done.
Never heard the original SID but the melody and chord progressions are just fantastic! Beautiful and atmospheric, it´s an amazing tune that gives me goosebumps! Great work!
NIiiice! Can listen to this all day
Rich soundscapes that whilst emulating Jarre's work also rivals it and surpasses it in a couple of ways. Great!
You hit my soft spot witthis remix too great job
Mix between kreftwork and jarre - so so clever - love it
Great arrangement, but a little too dense... There's too much going on at times and it doesn't hit that atmosphere it should have.
A masterpiece =)
Nice Jarre! Very soothing.
Wow, great tune. The influence by Jean-Michel Jarre is obviously, but hey - I'm a huge fan of Jarre since 1979. Great Job, Peacemaker.
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I think I just heared that for the first time, it was just aired at Slay Radio as a request by a listener. My first thoughts were: Ah, a Jarre-ish tune. I changed my mind while listening to Wow!! Like Jarre himself would play. Peacemaker, well done. Great Job^^