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Oxx - Ace 2 - Remastered

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Oxx Newcomer
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What started as


let's apply some effects to my very first remix


has ended up like this. Important changes:


  • Applied pitch wheel and vibrato to main lead (instead of just depending on portamento)
  • Added vocal, as well as impact sfx. I was lucky enough to find three different and very well matching vocal samples
  • Kick, hihat and snare enrichment
  • The arrangement is kept as the same (which is missing some of the parts from the original sid).
  • EQ'ing and applying HP and LP filters to achieve seperation

Despite sounding very far from the original, it is essentially the same arrangement.


DAW: Cakewalk by BandLab

Synths: T-Force Alpha Plus, Helm, SurgeXT, Vital, Kairatune, Odin 2


I hope you enjoy my work.

Ace 2 - Remastered
1 minute in, it all comes together. Wasn’t sure about the opening lead at first, but it’s got a scene vibe that I like. Great production and to be honest, by the end I wished it was a bit longer.
Very Nice! .. Though I have to agree with Tim, I also wish it was longer :)
Banging tune!
Really great upbeat mix. Initially I thought a bit too much drums+SID but was proven wrong, you melded it prefectly.


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I really like this - a good take on the original! There is still a lot of headroom left in the mix though and I feel perhaps the low end is slightly left out and that could be causing it. Maybe just a bit more attention to mastering in general would help here. There is such tremendous growth in your mixes - in no time at all you will be on top, not only here!