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NecroPolo - R-Type (Ishizaki vs Vaca medley 2022)

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I played R-Type a lot back in time and was always fascinated by the ingame music where the original composer was Masato Ishizaki / IREM and the C64 conversion is Ramiro Vaca's work. The famous dedicated C64 title tune was created by Chris Hülsbeck but the power lifting of ingame tunes was done by Ramiro Vaca mostly so it is a sort of tribute to the great work that he did. Everyone seems to remix Chris Hülsbeck's awesome title tune. Well, this one here is a little different.


This C64 remix / medley has a long zombie track story. Initially it was released @AROK2017 8bit party on the remix compo. It was rather a demo back then, all the instruments recorded except for a bass guitar (it was a bass synth instead) but because of the remix compo deadline there was very little time spent on production (mixing & mastering). A couple of years passed and it almost made to a co-op remix scene band project but both the project and finishing this medley sort of failed. Then, it was added to an another C64 remix co-op project to-do track roster but finally it became iced again. So, during the spring break of 2022 there was an amp sim VST sale @Neural DSP where I bought a magnificent bass amp sim that inspired me to shoot some bass to this old forgotten C64 remix track. Also, ARP-chirp was re-recorded with a KORG Monologue (what a beast). Then, the whole mix session was started from zero, using the previously released Kjell Nordbo and Jammer metal mix sessions as a template. Finally, here we are. The 3rd track of the expanding EP project, Dark Flow.


Tech corner:

- Interface: Focusrite Saffire26I/O (recording) Clarett4Pre (mixing/mastering)

- DAW: Reaper 6.51

- Guitar: BlackMirra

- Bass: Ibanez SR305DX

- Amp sims: Neural DSP Archetype: Nolly (guitars), Parallax (bass)

- Mastering processor: iZotope Ozone 8

- Plug-ins: Melda, Stillwell, Voxengo

- Synth: KORG Monologue

- MIDI keyboard recording drums: M-Audio Ozone

- Drum engine: Toontrack EZD2, Metal Machine kit

Great stuff!
Metal!!!!! From 3:45 me like!!!
Amazing work!! Kudos NecroPolo!
Very nice indeed
It is always good when digital meets metal, and as many others I really loved the R-Type main and danger tunes. Super!
So the R in R-Type stands for Rock, I finally get it. Stunning work
Catchy as hell! This gives me a good mood, man! |m|
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

SID-metal turned to 11.

Do not attempt at home. Professional musician on closed course here.

(Actually, do attempt! Free experimentation is what SID remixing is all about.)