MRT - To Be on Top

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What's there is good and inoffensive enough, but there just isn't enough substance to make it work. It loses the gritty original feel and doesn't quite replace it in my ears.
I love the vocals scatting, but the underlying music is just simply too weak and needs better instrumentation
Laid back visa rosteresque accapella type stuff, which is getting a little tiresome to my ears now lots of nice voices but nothing done with them. Still the tune is well done.
Pretty weak stuff with random vocals. Some nice ideas in there, for which it gets good marks, but that's it.
The vocals are a great idea and work well but the original tune was a stunningly strong tune and this is rather weak behind the vocals.
Vocals are great, but the rest of the tune dosent make up to it.
The tune itself is only average... The vocals great...
A plus for the vocal part. I wonder if it's just a sample or it's been recorded especially for this tune!? A minus for the song choice, I hate the To Be On Top theme. Laid-back and "Very Good", though.
Very good idea!
Very nice idea, but lacks contence.
I like it! As said before, it lack a bit of the original feeling, but this is still definetly an alternative path that works :-)
Great idea! But the music would have need MORE work in mixing and instrumentation to fit the overall mixing-idea! Damn! This could have been a real killer then! Go for it (again)... Pleeease!
Neat :)
I dont like it
Up up up.

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