Mordi - Poison

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My fourth or fifth attempt at remixing Poison. SLC and Drax's version ( is still one of my favorite C64 remixes, and this tune pretty much steals the arrangement off of that one, and it is featured in the intro to this tune as well, along with a previous attempt of mine to remix it.
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Mordi is back with a great track, beautifully mixed and a superb selection of instruments.
Very well produced, punchy track!
Mordi is spoiling us with perfectly balanced remixes with his own tweaks to enhance the original tracks.
Good job as every time.
Awsome production every instrument really bites through the mix and sits perfectly in the sonic pallet
Very clean production, the more I listen to it, the more I like it.
Love it.
Simply supurb.... Musical excellence.
Very nice rmx
Nice to see one of my oldies remixed by you - love the balance of the mix... :D
Very very great sid retro feeling here. Atmosphere is great and sounds are top notch. Maybe too slow tempo for my taste and I honestly think faster tempo could really fit this song.
Absolutely great done remake of poison. You catch the feeling of the original c-64-tune. Great work!!!
Nicely done! Feels retro.
Great remix, great original!!
Massively atmospherically perfect!
When I heard it for the first time on Scenesat, I knew you were behind this music. You got your own sound and style.
Not bad! Not bad at all!
Ohh.. My old loved music!!! Fantastic
Great, great tune!
From now, if I have to explain the term 'epic synth pop', I'll use this track to demonstrate it :) Good work, instantly recognisable style. True for the composition as well (hey Drax).
Mordi! Mordiovics Mordocsov! Come back with these style and feeling musics. You are the best!
Good job
Like it very much!

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