Makke - Comic Bakery (West End Brioche)

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I was messing around with an arrangement of West End Girls when the idea popped up: How about dropping Comic Bakery to E minor and see how it fits? It was a pretty snug fit, after a fair few alterations admittedly. I was unsure whether to release the result officially as the idea sounded better in my head, but decided to release it anyway as it might bring a smile to someone who loves West End Girls as much as I do. 😊


I wrote some bakery related lyrics for it, but I decided not to record them due to, mildly put, excessive cheesiness. West End Girls becoming wasted bread etc.


I hope you find it an entertaining listen nonetheless.😉

Really funny idea though! ;-) Mixing and production is great as well! But I'm still not sure if it _really_ fits together after all. Hmm....
Some cool touches but kinda disappointing to hear that from a guy like Makke
Cool pastiche! Comic Bakery is becoming the new Guile’s Theme; it goes with everything!
Sorry Makke, it doesn't work.
Nice and mellow, though nothing particularly innovative
Doesn't really work for me.
Two classic tunes, would have loved to hear the version with lyrics tho
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Instantly recognizable Pet Shop Boys West End Girls instrumentation, phenomenal job! If somehow you had managed to add the vocals, too, it would've knocked me out cold. 😊 As it is, the lead instruments are a bit weak compared to the rest, but A+ for effort!