Juha Kaunisto - 2000 A.D.

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The full title for this is "2000 A.D. (With-ah Teet-ah)" which kinda nods into the direction of the inspiration. Yep, I wanted to do a track in the style of Nine Inch Nails' last album. And I wanted to have feedback on it. And noise.
Just brilliant! Love the NiN style of the song!
Dirty, gritty, NIN like and a welcome return from Juha
So you thought remixes couldn't get any grittier? Listen to this one. Fan-Sumppi-tastic!
Rrroooccckkk'n'dirt... ;) Now this is bloody great!
Definitely NIN-inspired, but all the better for it in my eyes. It's really moody, gritty, and even when the lead kicks in it suits the style perfectly.
Great remix... I really like the 'alternative' style!!!
Gee this reminds me of marilyn manson for some reason. Juha ur my gawd!
It's not my style, but earns red anyways...
Juha's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoooooooooooo!
Brilliant..... Nicely looping too.....
Never really understood the beauty of this one. Perhaps it will grow on me.
Great remix albeit a little short. Great slow rock piece with a thumping drum riff!
VERY, very dirty style indeed!! :-D Comes 'clean'... Haha!! It simply fits to the overall mixing. Like it as it's different for sure.
I don't like SID, I don't like this remix. It is good, but technical part make this one very good.
I just love it - Droid of 2000 A. D. He he...
Great sound.. Even better feel.. Dark and deep.. It might be my fav of the year..
Not my style. But it's sounds very well done/mixed.
I still reminds me of AC/DC's thunder :P
Love the game. Cos it's 'dirty' - gues why I love this remix. Truly a tune to play while playing the game and just gettin' dirtier at the killin' and decidin' and the findin'.
Brilliant! :D
Once more, Juha unfolds his sheer genious.
Aimless and boring! Only "Average" to me.
Awesome remix! Great sounding!
Don't know about NiN, I'd describe the style as a bit "Lynnesque" (or Dr. Awesomesque) but darker, and it's great!

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