JLD & Dr.Future - Platoon

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Hey there folks! JLD & Dr.Future are here with a surprising collab. You didn't see that one coming, did you? 😊 Anyway, our first remix together is a synthwave version of Platoon.

JLD - I had this idea of making a cyberpunk remix of the tune, I started remixing it but got a bit stuck and then it struck me. Damn I saw in a post somewhere that Dr.Future kindly suggested a collab sometime in the future. So I reached out and asked if he was interested. Of course he was. I sent him my not too good version and asked him to put his magic on it and he definitely did! I am so glad he wanted to collab. I think the remix turned out really good. Hope you folks like it!

Dr.Futurre - I liked the style and power of JLD by the day he appeared on the scene. Somehow we got in contact, loosely decided to do something together and a few weeks later JLD sent me his wip of Platoon which was very good already. His original was a bit harder than the final version, and I also changed some synth to guitar. I hope you like the result and I'm pretty sure there will be more in the future. 😊

Nice remix!
Nice collab guys! Very clean and enjoyable mix.
Two great remixers combining forces creating one awesome power duo! More. Please!
Bloody stunning!
Awesome remix and that guitar at 3:19 rocks!!!
Well done and awesome technique considering that collaborations usually are not so smooth. Looking forward for more...
Goosebumbs! Perfect remix to an all times classic! Kudos guys from the heart!
Not my cup of tea, but technically well done!
The part around 3 minutes where DRF can more freely shred is by far my favourite part and the elements of the song just fuse perfectly! Very nice collab!=)
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Great stuff. The guitar really makes this remix a lot more personal. I just would like to have the snare (and most of the percussion) a lot less reverb:ed. Also, the remix kinda … faded away without a proper ending? No? Perhaps it's just me.