Emre Bulsat - Duotris Reloaded

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Unlike the SID snippets in MS's Giana Sisters, the poor recorded SID bits here don't work. They put people off from listening to the rest of the tune, which is a respectable effort. Remaster needed.
The intro is totally pointless, should be removed. The tune itself isn't too bad. There's alot of possitives and negatives within the arrangement. Nice Baselines but overall its a bit non descript.
Messy and horrid intro which doesn't capture the feel of anything, rest of the tune is just OK
Like previous voters, I don't really get the intro either. The rest is pretty alright, if a bit repetitive.
Maybe orange is too kind, cos it's really repetitive without much variation. But I just love the tune... And the intro, I like it!
Too repititive, lifeless -2, intro -1
The useless intro ruins a lot here... The rest is okayish so far.
The intro is a bit too much of a MS copycat. The tune itself is nice, worthy it's mark.
I'm sorry, I find it quite boring.
Boring but technically Ok.
After spending a long time in my "maybe" folder this one goes to the collection. Nice cool sound, but lacks that extra to make it a red one...

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