Dr Future - To Be On Top (Relax'd)

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To Be On Top (Relax'd)
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Well, if Chris Hülsbeck and Trevor Horn would have met and decided to do the Title of To Be On Top together - that's my thoughts when I decided to do a remix of this classic SID.


Hope you - and Trevor - and FGTH - like it. Enjoy!

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YEAH. Dr Future excellently captures the game's zeitgeist.
This gets my italo-disco -legs spinning around! Needs only melancholic lyrics with an italian/french singer =D
Great bass line, spot-on drums, refined production. But: the lead kicking in at 1:23 is too artificial, too stiff, and the chord changes at 2:18 and elsewhere need to be a lot more pronounced.
Italo Disco is as '80s as SIDs themselves - good fit! Lots of authentic sounds are packed in there and I really like the mixing. I agree with LaLa about the artificial elements, maybe sole synths would work better there. Nice work!
Haha, nice idea, very 80s... Like it...!
This is brilliant - particularly love that synthy lead on 0:43!! UPDATE: Still one of my all-time favorite remixes.
I like the 80s-ness of this one! Very original! Only thing missing is Fancy suddenly starting to sing. ;-)
Beautiful remix! Sound more like an Amiga based samples remix than a C64 Remix ;)
Love the idea and the style!
This is how a To Be On Top game would sound like nowadays, fantastic! I'd play the game!;)

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